Pointless violence in Park Square garage sends two to the hospital

The Globe reports the injuries were minor when a large group stomped a smaller group in the Transportation Building garage around 2:40 a.m., Sunday. And, yes, of course somebody stayed behind the scrum to video it all.

H/t Chris Devers.



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    Interesting variations in the way this is covered

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    The writeups of this story on Boston.com and Back Bay Patch are neutral to the point of being boring about how this story is written. “There was a fight. It was over when police arrived. Some people went to the hospital. Zzzzzzzzzz…”

    Meanwhile, the story has been picked up by the knuckledraggers at Barstool Sports and Storm Front, and even the Boston.com comments are breathtakingly racist. (Yes, yes, I forgot the first rule of the internet: don't read the comments. Well, except on Universal Hub, because people here aren't jerks.)

    So, has anyone seen a writeup of what happened that manages the delicate balancing act of acknowledging & explaining the apparent racial overtones of what we're seeing in this video, without descending to outright foaming at the mouth racism?

    Is that even possible? Do I ask too much?

    I really am curious what happened here, but can't tell from what's in the video. I found out about it because people were sending around the link to the YouTube video at work, but I didn't get a clear sense of the backstory.

    It all started...

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    When Patrick and Seamus said Riverdance is better than Gangnam Style

    Would we really be delving

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    Would we really be delving that much into the backstory if 30 white guys viciously attacked three asian guys and a couple of asian girls? It's funny how folks call for restraint and investigation when the shoe is on the other foot.

    Set aside the obvious racial nature of the fight - how about the white women getting pummelled while trying to stop the beating?

    I think it's fair to say that this is a racially motivated incident and should be investigated as such - if the investigation reveals something different, the authorities can let us know. Occam's razor and all.

    Yes we would

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    If somebody were equally stupid enough to post video.

    Pure speculation here, but I'm going to guess based on the time, location and dress that this was two groups of people arriving at the garage from nearby clubs who let their liquor do their talking for them, and that race had nothing to do with it.

    I think this is on the right track

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    This pretty much sums up my guess, but I was curious if more details might be forthcoming.

    As for…

    Would we really be delving that much into the backstory if 30 white guys viciously attacked three asian guys and a couple of asian girls? It's funny how folks call for restraint and investigation when the shoe is on the other foot.

    I don't remember saying anything about “restraint and investigation” per se, and I don't think that my curiosity about what happened here is because the attacking people were from one group and the attacked were from another — I'd be curious if it was the other way around, too.

    I guess I'm saying that I agree with Adam that the simplest explanation is that we're seeing two drunk groups that were leaving from two clubs at the same time, and bad things happened. My question is whether the people involved thought they were attacking / defending for their friends, or because they didn't like the other group that looked different? What triggered this? This may never get an answer, I suppose.

    closing time

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    how about we allow the clubs to close at later times and stop serving alcohol at 2am. Let each "race" group dance the alcohol away.

    Yes and no, Adam

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    I worked in the theater district for years. I've seen more than a few of these.
    (Disclaimer: I don't claim to know the specifics of this incident.)

    But, I'd bet $100 bucks that the white guys somehow insulted a girl or otherwise caused trouble with the Asians, and they retaliated.

    In all my time in that area, late at might, I've never seen an Asian or Asian group start a fight.

    I've seen them finish many.

    I'm not condoning this behavior but my experience has been seeing quiet and polite Asian guys get underestimated by non-Asian blowhards and tough guys.

    And your eyes don't deceive you, once it starts the Asian guys fight the other, just like any other race does when they're fighting "others."

    I'm not condoning this attack in anyway but I'll be shocked if it's an unprovoked racist attack.

    That's not what these guys do. They protect their own


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    I just heard about this from a friend of a friend. Some of the guys are from NYC. 275 canal st.

    If 30 white guys attacked

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    3 asians guys and 3 asian girls, the calls for a "racial dialogue" and talk of the evils of "white privilege" and "white racism" would be DEAFENING. Anyone who denies this is insane.

    Key word, *historically*

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    This white guilt thing is absolutely ridiculous. I am not going to feel guilty or bad for something people of my race did in the past. Never hear about how blacks should feel guilty about what happened in Africa in the 16th century. Or how Asians should feel guilty for what Genghis Khan did. But because white people took advantage of the power structure in this country until very recently (and frankly still do), we have to feel forever bad about it, and treat white racism differently from other kinds of racism (hilariously called "reverse racism") Now, if 30 Asians beat up 3 whites (or let's be honest, any other race) the fact that it's could be racial (which it probably wasn't) is sort overlooked, but if the SAME thing happened but with 30 white guys, it would BE ALL OVER THE NEWS. That is blatant hypocrisy.

    any acknowledgement of this

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    any acknowledgement of this country's past is clearly white guilt, historians must be the most miserable people in the world :'(


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    Congratulations on your militant misunderstanding of anything regarding race relations, the history of bigotry, and tu quoque. You're fighting the good fight, telling us about the hypothetical wrongs white people must suffer.

    Best you can do is a very brief incident from 35 years ago?

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    Where a photographer was handily available? BTW the black man who was attacked in this picture stayed in Boston and actually worked for the city for years afterwards. His name is Ted Landsmark.

    I can assure you there were MANY violent incidents in Boston during this same period that were racially motivated assaults even murders against innocent people who happened to be white [and I suppose not privileged enough to live i n a nice white suburb]. hen I was a kid in the late 70s and 80s in JP the racially motivated violence [black on white] was EXTREMELY COMMON AND BAD. Like an everyday occurrence. I witnessed full scale riots along Centre St. by black kids from the Curley School where the whole neighborhood was in lockdown [we were told in advance they were going to riot!]. 99% of these violent incidents were never reported by the media of the day, for obvious reasons. Of course with the internet that would not happen today. I myself had a family member jumped coming home from work for NO OTHER REASON than he was white. The black guys [yes, a group] SHOT HIM in the back,leaving him paralyzed. So...if some of the so-called white people reading this have personal guilt over things that occurred well over 150 years ago, 99% in a another part of the country, or are guilty because they grew up in a nice calm mostly or all white town or area, good for you. Don't project your 'guilt' onto me, I don't share any of it.

    And where do some people get the idea Asian [Chinese, Vietnamese, Cambodian, Korean, etc.] are all gentle, would never fight or start a fight, are easily beaten down by the evil white man or whatever? That's nonsense and genuinely RACIST. I grew up with many Asian kids in my neighborhood, mostly Chinese. They are perfectly capable of being assholes just like anyone else. I AM NOT SAYING THAT'S WHAT HAPPENED HERE..but the racism against white people floods out when stuff like this happens and you read comments on boards like this. I suspect 99% of the comments on here are not by Asians, but by whites and a few blacks who consider themselves 'Progressive'. I know many Asians would agree with what I said.

    Nobody who never did anything malicious to another because of their background is guilty of anything. It's child-like to believe otherwise. Either that or it's a control mechanism designed to shut people up.


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    Well put!


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    You get the point. Did you know that a lot of people who have been on the receiving end of racial hatred still live in the US and work for the government? It's call MAKING A CHANGE. You work to change things.

    "Ted Landsmark was the subject of the 1977 Pulitzer Prize for Spot News Photography for an image entitled The Soiling of Old Glory, taken by Stanley Forman. He was walking in the plaza to get to Boston City Hall when anti-busing protesters attacked him. In that photograph, anti-busing organizer Jim Kelly pushes Landsmark away while teen Joseph Rakes appears to be about to strike Landsmark with an American flag. Video footage of the event shows that Rakes missed hitting Landsmark with the flag.[4] The entire incident only lasted 15–20 seconds and when the police broke up the assault, Landsmark was taken to the hospital, where he was treated for injuries, including a broken nose and bruising over much of his body.[4]"

    Maybe someone should shove a flagpole in your face and beat the shit out of you and put you in the hospital because you are white, blue, green, red, or yellow. You are missing the point anon. Maybe you shouldn't post as anon and put a name to the comment. Take ownership for what you believe.

    I posted the 35 years ago comment

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    And I was assaulted [jumped] TOO MANY TIMES TO REMEMBER growing up in a 'diverse' neighborhood during the late 70s-80s. I had broken nose, fractures, a stab wound, lost 2 teeth, black eyes, the whole nine yards. Guess what? I was jumper SOLELY because I have a skin color my attackers didn't like, white. I didn't know them...they didn't know me. I never exchanged words or anything like that, the last time I was on an MBTA bus and ended up being the only white kid..and naturally I got jumped.

    I had black friends, and still do, I don't hate all black people. I also had many Spanish [Hispanic] friends and Asian friends, and NEVER had any problems with Hispanic or Asian people growing up, even though I was a minority in a minority majority neighborhood. Truth be know most of the violence and problems revolved around the projects [Heath St.] 30 plus years later and some things never change. Probably never will.

    And no, I like posting anon if possible. Too many crazies in the world and on the internet. Beside, why would my name [assuming it was my real name] matter?

    Sorry, you misunderstand me; I'll make it more clear

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    I never said a word or acted provocatively towards them. They jumped [assaulted] me, AND CALLED ME ALL KINDS OF MEAN NAMES REFERENCING MY SKIN TONE. Is that more clear? So yeah, racial bias on their part absolutely played a role, the only role that I can tell, because except for one time, they never robbed me..just called me mean racially biased names and beat me up.

    Not sure why this is so hard to believe...

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    Unless you live in la la land. Boston, like many places, has always been pretty tribal, pretty divided by race, ethnicity, neighborhood. And Boston of the seventies and eighties especially was a place where it was pretty easy to get unfairly singled out for being white as well as minority if you were on the wrong bus, the wrong street corner, the wrong lunch table. I think most Bostonians over forty probably remember being called a honky or a "white b*tch" or variations thereupon, if not actually being beat up, threatened, etc. This stuff does go both ways, you know.

    The girl

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    Eos sitting on the guys lap at the end, or comforting him, or comforting him by sitting on his lap is Asian, so who knows wtf happened here? It doesn't look like a Jets-Sharks scenario but the sheer drunken idiocy/mob mentality is astonishing. Still, doesn't look like anone was seriously injured except for one copiously bleeding facial cut.

    The girl

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    who's sitting on the guys lap at the end, or comforting him, or comforting him by sitting on his lap is Asian, so who knows wtf happened here? It doesn't look like a Jets-Sharks scenario but the sheer drunken idiocy/mob mentality is astonishing. Still, doesn't look like anone was seriously injured except for one copiously bleeding facial cut.


    The girl

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    who's sitting on the guys lap at the end, or comforting him, or comforting him by sitting on his lap is Asian, so who knows wtf happened here? It doesn't look like a Jets-Sharks scenario but the sheer drunken idiocy/mob mentality is astonishing. Still, doesn't look like anone was seriously injured except for one copiously bleeding facial cut.

    I read Barstool and UHub

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    So that makes UHub readers "Kuckledraggers" and you the King Kuckledragger

    Whoever videoed this

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    It looks like whoever videoed this started out with the intention of videoing something very different, as it begins with quite a leering shot of the butts of two women.


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    Are these actual human beings? I can't tell.

    Absolutely a racist incident.

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    The white individuals getting attacked are absolutely victims of racism. Let's say that they somehow provoked the fight originally (which we do not know they did). Surely they started the fight with only a handful of individuals, not the dozens that end up attacking them. Why did, then, the dozens of extra Asians join in on the festivities? Because they saw a group of Asians fighting with non-Asians? They decided to unite as one in racial solidarity against the non-Asian? If a group of whites did this to another race, they would be called klan members, yet the behavior of the Asians is justified as "looking out for one of their own."

    What I find most appalling here, however, is the length that this attack sustained against non resisting victims, and that almost nobody tried coming to the aid of the victims. I have worked in nightclubs in the theater district for many years, and let's be honest, people fight when they drink. Usually it has nothing to do with race, even if the combatants are of not homogeneous ethnicity/demographics. When a fight of this magnitude breaks out and somebody is really getting their ass kicked, bystanders almost always try to break it up (usually even by members of the winning side's party). It's only the human thing to do, almost nobody wants to see someone get disproportionately hurt - and I have seen this transgress all races. Based on my experience seeing these types of things happen, the only logical reason to explain why so many Asians stood by while the victims could have easily been getting killed was because the victims were white and the aggressors were Asian. That my friends, is racism.

    And spare me with the white privilege comments that I will surely get. I am a minority and past injustices are no excuse for uncivilized, inhuman, and criminal behavior from any group.

    But you assume that the

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    But you assume that the Asians rally around other Asians simply because they are Asians, and they are strangers to each other. They could be a circle of friends who all happen to be Asian, or even one large extended family of Asians (probably unlikely, but possible). Would it be racist for friends to rally around other friends, regardless of what their race is?

    Not necessarily an absolutely racist incident at all

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    Is there any indication the victims were targeted for their race?

    Haven't seen anything pointing to that.

    Did the others who jumped in do so only b/c the victims were white or only because they were fighting their friends?

    The Klan analogy is false. The Klan targeted their black victims because they were black. There was nothing incidental about it.

    I don't think you quite understand racism.

    I can deny a black person housing if he has bad credit- not racist.
    I can't deny him housing b/c he's black- racist.

    Similarly, you can get your ass beat by a bunch of Asians near Chinatown and it may be racist but it is certainly not absolutely racist until the intent of the peprs and cause of the fight is known.