Police: Dorchester home invasion not random; thieves targeted safe with several hundred thousand dollars

Two men who forced two Livingstone Street residents back into their home at gunpoint Thursday briefly made off with a safe that contained more than $400,000 from the family business, a police source says.

The Suffolk County District Attorney's office confirms that when Randy Soto and Victor Baez-Lara were arrested, police found a safe in Baez-Lara's car. Officers also found jewelry, alcohol, a laptop and cash and phones from the two victims in the car, the DA's office says.

The two were arraigned Friday on charges of armed home invasion, unlawful possession of a firearm and unlawful possession of ammunition. Prosecutors asked for $500,000 bail for each and that they be placed under house arrest if they made bail; a Dorchester District Court judge set bail at $100,000 each, declined to order house arrest but did order them to stay away from the victims.

The two were arrested not long after the incident when an officer noticed a car matching the description of the getaway vehicle in the parking lot of the Geneva Avenue Stop & Shop. A third suspect remains at large.

Innocent, etc.



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    $400,000 cash?

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    $400,000 cash kept at home in a safe? Sounds interesting, to say the least.

    helloooooo tax evasion

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    What's the phone number for the IRS again?

    What the hell is wrong with all of you?

    Somebody's home gets invaded at gunpoint, and the responses are "why do they have money?" and "are they dodging their taxes?" Good Lord. Please post your home addresses so that I can come rob you, since you clearly don't view armed home invasions as any sort of violation.

    Not surprised though, right?

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    Well, why was he playing with his iPhone on the subway? Was the cyclist wearing a helmet? Was the driver wearing a seatbelt when she got t-boned? Why were the dumb students walking home late at night through Neighborhood X? Oh, and was the dog on a leash? UHub is victim-blaming central.

    Exception to the rule

    I never blame the victim, but damn. Having 400 grand in a safe in the middle of Mattapan? You are not a victim, you are a mark.

    I know, right?!

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    Just like those girls in revealing clothing. Just asking to be raped.