Police ID suspect in Chelsea bus-crash assault

Transit Police report they are looking for Douglas Bergeron, 32, for an attack they say led to a T bus crashing into a parked car Sunday night.

When caught, Bergeron will be charged with assault and battery on a public employee and interfering with public transportation. 617-222-1050 is the number to call if you spot him.

Bergeron is, as they say, known to police. And in more than one town.

Innocent, etc.



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Imagine if...

Imagine if this guy put as much effort into legitimately earning money as he does into committing crimes. Google "douglas bergeron medford" and click on any of the links. It's amazing that this guy can just walk around. But if you're a nonviolent drug user (not a dealer, just an addict on drugs), you're in jail.

Not True BostonUrbEx

Very rare that non violent people go to jail for anything unless they are stealing large amounts of money or sell large amounts of drugs or possess guns.


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He or she is a crime victim, not a suspect.