Police arrest two suspects in T bus bleach attack, look for third

Douglas, per Transit Police.Douglas, per Transit Police.

Updated, 6:35 p.m.

Transit Police report they have arrested Lai Lawnnie Douglas, 22, on charges she took part in a robbery/bleach attack on a 28 bus on Sunday. Her arrest warrant charges her with unarmed robbery, mayhem and indecent assault and battery.

A juvenile, not identified because of her age, is also charged and has been picked up, police say. Police say they know who the third suspect is and are looking for her.

Innocent, etc.



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God don't like ugly

It was my Uncle and I asked him why he didn't punch them in the face but my uncle is very old skhool Gentleman and he will never put his hands on a women Especially a young one and to tell every one the true he didn't even want to press charges, poor guy his very nice guy hard worker. Its all funny to people but if it was you or you're love one you will not joke about it all he was doing Mining his own business's well he was drunk but still he did not do anything to Provoke them they came to him and attacked him. Now he can see from the eye and everything is on video from the bus it show that he was a Victim and a gentleman to the end i never wish jail or Death on anyone but I can't Wait to see them in court you don't attack a Preston because there drunk.

... says a person who

... says a person who presumably is a big supporter of the social movements and non-profit organizations at work in Boston's 'hood'?

city life/vida urbana
occupy the hood
the city school
mata hari
etc etc?


...which do you mean?
Not remotely true that these groups do something for the neighborhood or not remotely true that you support them?

An anudder ting, just what the fuck is decent assault? Is there some sort of assault that's "in accordance with contemporary moral values"?


I'm glad.. there's NO need for this senseless act. I hope they get the book thrown at them.

but know the Massachusetts judicial system, I some how doubt. How much you do wanna bet they have no previous criminal behavior and will get off with a slap on the wrist.

(and the juvi will get next to nothing)

Suggestion for a uhub intern?

You should assign a journalism intern to track the results of your older crime posts. They would post a short one or two sentence update to these type of stories. For example:
Douglas was convicted and sentenced to X months probation. etc. That would make your vast catalog of crimes much more valuable. It would also have the secondary effect of Google-exonerating the accused if they are found innocent.

That's my tip - take it or leave it!

More special treatment for no good reason

A juvenile, not identified because of her age, is also charged and has been picked up, police say.

When are we going to finally wake up and eliminate this total BS nonsense of giving special protection to the suspects of serious crimes just because of their AGE?

If anything, that decision should be based on the severity of the charges. Instead, we have "the suspect is charged with attacking somebody with bleach. But they're only 15, so they'll get a pass at best, or a closed hearing and sealed record at worst." Give me a break already!

And what is so wrong with sending the message to everyone ("juveniles" and adults) that crimes have consequences. And one consequence is, as a suspect, your name is revealed to the public. No ifs, ands, or but about it.

Don't worry Mark the governor

Don't worry Mark the governor is working hard to make sure every poor person and illegal alien gets a Cadillac at your tax paying expense to take whatever parking spot you were looking for, clog your commuting route during rush hour, and crash into you without insurance at every opportunity. /extreme sarc