Police identify victims of Grove Hall triple murder

Brian Tirado, 23, Ana Cruz, 22, and Felix Garcia, 22, all of Dorchester, all shot to death early Sunday at an Intervale Street house party.

Police report they are continuing to look for an older red or maroon Mercury for the murders. NECN reports police have narrowed their search to one particular individual.



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Sad, sad, sad

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That is so sad! I heard the girl had twin baby girls. See it pays to stay your ass home with your kids instead of partying with people who you don't know really!


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Wow, how dare a person have a life beyond parenthood! For all you know, it might have been the first break she'd had from mom-to-twins duty... and how do you know how well she knew the rest of the guests? According to this, the shooting was likely not random.

At least you're right about this being a sad scenario, though...

What a useless post anon

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What a useless post anon #2.

It doesn't matter if she was a great responsible mom or a reckless teenage runaway--doesn't matter if she left the kids home with her husband/their father/stepfather, or their grandmother. There's no need to chastise anyone about making assumptions, no need for finger wagging about judging, all those little social whatevahs.

Even good girls end up liking bad boys and getting put into bad situations, and you have done nothing to address that issue, just pointing the finger back at the public commenter anon #1 like your lame attempt to educate them about this situation will solve anything.

Get a hobby, like educating teenagers about pregnancy, or fighting illegal guns. Then maybe you'll have some ground to stand on.

You're right about how...

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...none of that matters. The problem is that Anom seems more interested in blaming a homicide victim for daring to attend a party than in chastising the sort of turd who shoots people at one.

Local media weighs in

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"Were they possibly shot by a professional athlete? No? OK, then here's another list of the city's 25 best burgers instead"