Police: Man whipped dogs when they faltered pulling a cart full of cinderblocks in the heat

The MetroWest Daily News brings us today's depressing news, out of Framingham.



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Can't beat empathy into people

Chances are, this guy learned to abuse by being abused or seeing abuse. This is what big people do to lesser beings, after all.

Anybody who can't understand why this is so wrong before they do it won't be changed by being forced to do it. This is all a power game.

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...I work in the Social Services, so I have a good understanding of these matters. But I post a fair amount of Snark about it all (very cynical, you see). Mea Culpa.

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I doubt it

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You can't beat that into people. They see it as "what strong people do to own the weak". It won't make any difference. He won't learn a thing other than to do it again to someone/something else.

He wouldn't get it. And, neither do you.

This isn't the fucking middle ages - and maybe somebody should wrap you in rope, tie you to a post, and burn you to death with a stack of pot plants for your criminal marijuana use? I mean, that's where your logic and attitude gets us.

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Good morning Ms.Manuel....

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Good morning Ms.Manuel.....secretary to town manager

I am writing to follow-up the in effect seizure of my dogs based on allegations of cruelty on or around 7/17/2013...

On 8/11/15 I was allowed a finding of non-admission continued without finding and probation thanks in part to the understanding of the police and animal control that my dogs were not injured by me. I therefore appreciate the acceptance by the police and district attorney of my plea...

However, notwithstanding this my dogs were taken and immediately transferred to a Medfield facility to be adopted out.

I had met with you earlier in the year with my concern that the law (both our Federal Constitution and State Cruelty Law) state that the animals are surrendered "after found guilt" --- therefore I question whether the bail request to surrender the dogs was legal and the German Shepherd never even tugged on her leash. In addition the Medfield animal facility informed me my German Shepherd died 6 months after they got her... Their explanation of cancer is highly suspect - more likely a home-sick broken heart killed my innocent loving dog.

Anyway the reason I say this is that Animal Control should refrain from seizing dogs wherein no clinically documentable injury is evident. And they should report to the court the condition and status of any animal taken until the resolution of any related trial. Presentation by Animal Control of "sent to Medfield and to a good home" isn't necessarily the case...

As for statements by Animal Control that my Shepherd was a mixed breed I don't think so...

Take a look at one of the puppies that she had earlier in 2013 I sold weeks before the alleged cruelty ---- see separate email..

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Horrible. I wrote the

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Horrible. I wrote the company this guy owns (Suburban Masonry) to ask if it is true. Maybe I'll get a response. If it is true, potential customers should be aware.

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Wait a minute...are you

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Wait a minute...are you telling me this is not only sadistic nutball behavior, but also corporate sleezebag half-assery?

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I take it back--I didn't notice the Jr. In the article. So this Richard Capalucci, Jr. Goes by Paul?

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