Police: Postal worker who was beaten, shot and ordered out of his uniform jumped out the back of his moving truck

Boston Police report the postal employee was working in his truck, parked on Bailey Street around 6 p.m. when a masked man jumped in and demanded "the draw."

Police say that when the worker asked "what draw?" the robber beat him in the forehead with a gun, shot him in the wrist and ordered him out of his uniform. And then, police say, the guy got behind the wheel of the truck.

The suspect then attempted to flee the scene in the USPS mail truck, with the victim still in the rear cab. The victim reported, in fear for his life, he opened the rear door of the cab and fled on foot down Bailey Street, in the direction of Dorchester Avenue.

Police report the worker was taken to Boston Medical Center with serious injuries.

The robber, police say, abandoned the postal truck " a short distance away, on the sidewalk, in a snowbank on Clermont Street." He then got in a U-Haul van, which police later found at the Sunoco gas station at Gallivan Boulevard and Washington Street.

The attacker is described as black, 5'8"-5'10" and in his 20s. He wore a hooded black jacket and a black face mask, police say.



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I'm thinking this young man just brought down some serious federal weight upon himself, messing with a US postal worker. Wouldn't be surprised if Homeland Security, the Justice Department, and the FBI would be involved in the investigation and eventual prosecution. Hell, probably the NSA, too.


Chances are

He has done similar things and got caught in the past but hasn't done any jail time thanks to MA bleeding heart thug-loving judges and lawyers. Also, gotta love all those globe articles - white thugs are always white, black thugs are always "male."


poor attempt at humor

what the poster you were responding to meant (of course) is the sociopath who committed this offence will commit similar violent offences, and has previously. And of course he shouldn't be free on the streets to hurt and murder.

The poster also didn't write "librul". The best response you can make is that? And no, I'm not a "wingnut" or "neocon", or a "progressive".


Uh huh

Similar as in robbed someone at gunpoint, as opposed to "same" as in shot and robbed a USPS employee. Assuming he gets caught, I guarantee he's no stranger to the justice system and is either out on (laughably low) bail or out after serving a few months instead of what should have been several years. You keep crying now, that daily white guilt tears cup isn't even half full.


Anon pluribus unum

Miss point. Post multiple replies. Repeat self. Imply special treatment of non-whites amid piles of evidence to contrary (gee, not like the affluenza defense, eh) Repeat self again. Says racist thing again. Conclude with implication that acknowledging an unequal society is all about white people.


Anon middle-class white male sock puppet

Would get locked up for a very long time if he gets caught after deciding he's oppressed and misunderstood, buying a stolen gun and pistol-whipping/robbing some random guy walking home from the T. $25K+ bail if the victim happened to be white, hate crime charges and held without bail if he was black. Urban black thug, on the other hand, will most likely end up with $500 bail (or personal recognizance) and a slap on the wrist, unless he's unlucky enough to get one of the few reasonable judges who actually think armed violent criminals should be locked up.


I see

So that explains why so many black men are locked up for offenses that many whites walk on.

uh huh.

But, please, feel free to educate yourself: https://www.pinterest.com/messagesproject/prison-statistics-infographics/

Next time you come around, please supply some actual statistics detailing differential bail levels by race to validate your "opinions". Or stop being so butthurt when people in possession of reality and facts call you out as a racist git.

p.s. Note that local courts have no bearing here. The Fed authorities are going to be handling this.


You can't read, can you?

Here's a hint: black and white are not the only racial categories listed here. Blacks do not account for 50% of murder arrests listed here, and whites are arrested for 65% of forcible rapes, too.

In any case, these are ARRESTS and NOT CONVICTIONS. Arrests are also subject to biases, and not just these for pot: http://www.nytimes.com/2013/06/16/opinion/sunday/racially-biased-arrests...

Convictions for murder are similarly subject to bias: http://www.amnestyusa.org/our-work/issues/death-penalty/us-death-penalty...

Oh, and you have still failed to demonstrate any basis for your assertions that urban defendants get lower bail than "non-urban" defendants. You merely attempted to shift the conversation in a different direction.



Did you just invent a new stats system, where you apply some sort out politically correct smoothing factor and half suddenly turns into 10%? Look at the stats again, the only categories where blacks are not heavily over-represented are alcohol-related. You dont end up in the crime stats because the evil whitey is trying to keep you down, you end up there if you commit crimes. As for rapes, blacks are at 32% for 13% of the US population, still nearly twice as high of a rate per capita as whites.

For funny bails, just read uhub - plenty of $500 bails for attempted murder/aggravated assault/gun charges, and plenty of armed career criminals walking free after serving few months instead of years.

You all sound like a bunch of

You all sound like a bunch of idiots I'm a white male from dorchester that has done years in jail and have been in nasua st on holding status and seen black males get out on worst and similar charges on lower bails didn't think it was racism just the system I've lived it reading stats doesn't mean you experienced it