Police say guy who drunkenly drove into a Silver Line tunnel wasn't who he said he was

The man arrested in a Silver Line tunnel in South Boston early Friday morning after allegedly driving into it drunk gave police his brother's name and personal information - which they then used to bring charges in court and alert the media about the arrest.

Now, police say, James Tilton, 57, is in even more trouble than he was following the 1 a.m. crash at the bottom of the Silver Line ramp off D Street. In a statement, Lt. Det. Richard Sullivan of the Transit Police special crimes unit says:

During the booking process the male subject furnished the name of William Tilton and other personal identifiers of William Tilton. Unfortunately this information was furnished to the media.

Earlier this evening we positively verified the male subject arrested was NOT William Tilton but rather his estranged brother James M Tilton, 57. James Tilton will face additional charges for providing a false name and we will take the steps necessary to correct the misleading criminal action of James Tilton.



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Way to go, staties - nothing like booking someone before verifying their identity.

Oh, and how classy is it that his brother is a DUI'er, too?

When are courts going to stop playing Revolving Door with DUI drivers?


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Actually, the booking process is where you would find these things out and verify their identity. If someone gives a false name with a lot of personal identifying information to back it up, along with the fact they're brothers and probably look similar, then this is not unusual. A lot of criminals try to do this and can get as far as the booking process until fingerprints and forensic level photos, for comparisons say otherwise. Its not crazy common, but does happen.

Way to go Staties?

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I believe it was the MBTA Transit Police. The State Police, no doubt, made dozens of OUI arrests on the same date without a press release.

And tonight...

A woman took out the entire Newburyport/Rockport Line at about 10pm.

Tune in tomorrow, for the next daily catastrophe on the T!

Motor vehicle accidents on the subway

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I t seems like every day a car crashes into a bus,train or trolley or a drunk drives on the tracks. They than get arrested by the police go to court and the judge suspends their license to drive and they are forced to take the T and they still get drunk and fall off the platform and the same police have to risk their lives along with passengers pulling them out of the track area. Wait till they go to 24 hour service and the bars empty out.

It's called natural selection

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It's called natural selection. Modern society has removed all the dangers which would and should have filtered these people out of existence by now. Society is now paying the price for its benevolence towards morons with no sense of self preservation or shame in potentially harming other members of society.

I wonder what this guy's

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I wonder what this guy's record is like, if he thought it was safer to use his brother's with three DUI convictions.

(Thanksgiving dinner for the Tilton family will be ... interesting.)

With all due respect to the

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With all due respect to the Brookline Turkeys resisting the human supremacy and colonial oppression of their ancestral homelands, these two guys would be the turkeys at Thanksgiving dinner. Assuming that they aren't incarcerated by that time.

lawsuits are coming

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One brother sues the MBTA for ridiculing his good name by releasing the wrong name to the public. The other brother sues the MBTA for crushing his car and causing injuries with its jaws of death.