Police seek woman for bus spit spat in Malden

Transit Police report they are looking for this woman for allegedly spitting at a Route 426 driver around 11:20 p.m. on Aug. 2 at Lynn and Wesley streets in Malden.



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Lynn & Wesley

The creepiest bus stop (or rather, the people who wait there) on the 426 (or ANY of the Linden Sq bus stops).

Why is there so much spitting on the 426/428? Stay classy, North Shore.

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gives me the willies whenever I go there. It's very diverse and urban, but it feels like the set of a Zombie apocalypse game or movie.

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Spit shields?

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Pretty soon the bus drivers will have to be encased in a passenger inaccessible plexi-glass 'round their chair, actually, probably not a bad idea but one that is not pleasing to consider.

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I've seem this for bus

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I've seem this for bus drivers on city buses in Dublin in Ireland as in some hoods the drivers would be frequently assaulted or robbed. The driver still has access to the fare machines. They look similar to the (small) photo on this Australian Government Website:


It's something they should do here for the safety of the drivers, as you can't pay people enough to have to deal with crap like this.

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T-cops in Lynn?

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I know they ride buses in Roxbury but I have never seen them on the 426 0r 436 and I have never seen them in Lynn station

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