Police: Serial store robber strikes again in Inman Square; clerk gets into argument with him

Cambridge robber

Surveillance photo of Cambridge robber via Cambridge PD.

Cambridge Police report the man who's been sticking up convenience stores in the Boston area over the past few months, struck again around 9 p.m. on Monday at a Cambridge Street convenience store.

According to police, the man, about 5'11" and 30-35, went up to the counter, lifted the bottom of his hoodie to show off his gun and demanded money from the register. Police say the clerk told him he couldn't open the register unless somebody made a purchase:

[The clerk] asked the suspect to show him the gun but the suspect stated just give me the money. [The clerk] opened the cash drawer and handed the suspect approximately $100.00. At 9:06 p.m. the suspect fled the store with the cash exiting the store heading right towards Hampshire Street.

Police say the man has robbed or tried to rob more than 20 stores this year.



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Awesome photo quality!

What kind of camera system was used? All the other posted surveillance photos in the press are terrible in comparison. This photo makes it possible to actually recognize somebody!


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It is 3 MP IP Camera


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Wearing women's sunglasses, that the real issue here.