Police try to figure out who gave East Boston Burger King a second drive-thru this morning

Boston Police report they are trying to find the guy who drove an SUV into the lobby of the Burger King at 944 Bennington St. around 8 a.m.

Two women and a man in the SUV were taken to Mass. General Hospital but are expected to survive, police say. Police say witnesses spotted a man jump out of the SUV and flee on foot - but then return to grab a black bag out of the SUV before running away for good.

Police say not long after, a man showed up at the A-7 police station, Salvadoran passport in hand:

[He] reported he was the owner of the vehicle involved with the motor vehicle accident on 944 Bennington Street. He did not match the description of the driver given by witnesses on scene. He told officers the Explorer is utilized as a livery vehicle and has multiple drivers. He further stated he gave the keys to his friend this morning about 6:30am but could not identify the "Friend."

The driver is described as Hispanic, about 5'6" with a medium build and dark, short hair. He was clean shaven and wore a dark shirt, black shorts and glasses.



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    Crazy bikers! I mean...drivers!

    By on

    Those damn bikers drivers! They're a menace, think they own the road. They should be required to pass a test, get a license, register their bicycle vehicle, carry insurance and...

    OH WAIT THEY ARE. How's that workin' for reducing the menace drivers pose to the populace (and building-ulace?)

    I'm pretty sure I've never read the headline "cyclist crashes into beauty parlor, injuring 6"...

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    Problem is lack of license

    Its likely the operator of the vehicle had no "documentation" of a driving license or much else, hence, letting people on the road without a license (or registration) is the problem.

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    Interesting assumption

    I assume it goes with "didn't see the Burger King" and "didn't know he hit something". Should get him out of trouble for sure.

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    Driver described as Hispanic...

    ...and somebody else admits to the wreck.

    Translation: The guy who wrecked the vehicle is here illegally, and somebody who is here legally is protecting him.

    America's immigration policy: A cornucopia of perverse incentives!

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    Spoken like someone who really knows both

    the streets and the criminal patterns of Hispanics in the Eastie area!

    What street in Eastie did you say you grew up on, Will? East Eagle? Princeton? Or were you from the Point? Mt Carmel or Sacred Heart?

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    Eastie is loaded

    with gypsy livery cars. They pick up the slack from the regular cabbies who want nothing to do with taking old ladies home from the Central Square Shaw's and only see Eastie as consisting of Logan Airport and nothing else. My guess, the driver had outstanding warrants for one thing or another or as Will so delicately put it in his inimitable style, was illegal.

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    Yeah, it's a problem exclusive to Eastie

    I didn't have power for a whole (expletive) day because some (presumably) foreign drunken scumbag drove a frickin' bulldozer through my alley at 1 AM, ripping out the power lines and pulling a utility pole into my neighbor's house.

    The guy bolted and somebody else from the construction company showed up to take the blame. Taking the blame for such a blatant destructive act = sticking up for an illegal. I can't think of another reason why somebody would put their ass on the line like that, so (expletive) your snark. I thought you were one of the smart guys around here.

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    Sorry to disappoint you, Mycroft!

    Usually I wait for some facts to be made available to me before I let my xenophobia kick in, call me crazy!

    I mean, when you think about it, it could have been caused by a home grown scumbag,no?

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    If it were a homegrown scumbag

    Why on Earth would somebody take the rap for plowing into a Burger King? Hell, why would somebody attempt to pull that nonsense in the face of eyewitnesses?

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    I told you so

    This is what happens when you let fast food restaurants open at 5:00am.

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