Post-snow fail trail on the Green and Orange lines

After performing quite well during the storm last night (except for that little fire at Aquarium on the Blue Line), the T is struggling this afternoon:

On the Green Line, something went horribly awry with a switch and now there are supposedly shuttle buses from Kenmore to points inbound. At 3:20 p.m., Sam H. tweeted:

Shuttles replacing B, C, and D inbound at Kenmore but no buses to be seen, most walking.

Chris Mullen, stuck on an inbound Riverside trolley in a tunnel, added:

I'm eying which passenger we eat first, if it comes to that.

At 3:45 p.m., Diana Kim wondered about outbound shuttles - seems she'd been waiting for 30 minutes at Copley at that point.

Around the same time, an Orange Line train couldn't decide whether to pull into Downtown Crossing, Frank R. reports:

After 25 mins stuck on an orange line train at DTX, MBTA announces the train is going out of service. Part of the train is still in the tunnel, so doors cannot be opened.

A few minutes later, he updated:

train has pulled out of the tunnel, doors have opened, and the train is being taken out of service.



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