Pot-themed sub chain eyes Boston

The Herald reports that Cheba Hut wants to bring its toasted subs to the Hub.

Via Boston Restaurant Talk.



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    If the employees are anything like me, they'll ask the customer repeatedly....

    "What kind of sandwich (chuckle) did you want again? (snort, guffaw)."

    "Huh? Cheese? Yeah, we got cheese, I think...Dude, what kind of cheese do we have again?"

    "Uh, yeah, dude, all of the sodium in our sandwiches is humanely raised, fer sure."

    You get the picture...

    If your above

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    account is true, i think this place would do great in JP.

    Pizzawings in Allston (RIP)

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    These dudes used to have a 420 special... papers with an order of 2 slices and a coke...