Potential demolition of St. Augustine's in Southie

There is a community meeting tonight regarding the proposed demolition and new construction of both the St. Augustine's Church and School in South Boston. Please attend the meeting to voice your opinion: 6:30 pm, Boys and Girls Club of South Boston, 230 W. 6th Street. Please see Caught in Southie for more information.



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Well that's a beautiful

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Well that's a beautiful building - they don't make them like that anymore. I hope they don't demolish it. Whatever takes its place will be inferior.

Tear it down

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Let's get rid of another historic building and put up some boxy luxury condos that aren't worth the prices naive buyers pay. Not everyone can live in Southie but we can try.

"not worth the price"

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Umm... Isn't what an unrelated, uncoerced party is willing to pay for something, pretty much exactly the definition of what something is "worth"?