Public-vehicle trifecta: Guy tries stealing Silver Line bus - or did he?


Unfortunately for him, he wasn't able to figure out how to start the vehicle, parked at Silver Line Way in South Boston around 10 p.m. Or at least, that's how police were describing it on their radio as the incident unfolded.

The Globe, however, quotes a Transit Police lieutenant as saying he was just a boisterous young drinking man out from one of the area's many fine drinking establishments, who just wanted to sit in the driver's seat of a bus, that he was no problem at all, really, and that he was released to the company of his somewhat less boisterous drinking companions.

Police cruiser stolen
Ambulance stolen



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Shut it

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I'm going to steal your bike to assist me in my getaway after high jacking the Orange Line. All aboard, we will be bypassing the liberals at Green and Stony.

Good luck with that

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You'll be lucky if you even get to Green or Stonybrook - or, maybe, you'll be stuck between them with a pile of hostile passengers!

Someone should steal a National Park Service vehicle

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Someone should steal a National Park Service vehicle since the Park Rangers are too busy to report it. They're too busy following orders to make "life as difficult for people as we can. It’s disgusting," according to one Ranger.


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aren't they currently out of work?

Read your own link

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The author of that story speculated as to their staffing levels with no information. (You arent a reporter if you use probability in your story.) Anyway, The police wing of NPS is considered essential so they report unpaid.

I don't understanding why people are calling NPS dicks - they aren't the ones withholding pay and work for 800000 to grandstand against something comepletly unrelated.

NPS are being dicks because

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NPS are being dicks because they are being directed to deliberately spite the public. They are closing open air and water areas never before closed in any shutdown. I

Harry Reid's senate hasn't passed a budget in 6 years which has gotten the country used to this foolishness of funding the government with endless continuing resolutions. The house has now passed multiple bills during the shutdown to fund various programs the public wants with no references to defunding Obamacare. But Harry Reid refuses to allow debate let alone a vote on any of those house bills because he wants his CR larded with pet projects. It's a deliberate FUCK YOU to the public to extort concessions from house Republicans because the old accused pederast can't be bothered to negotiate.

You pass a whole budget, not

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You pass a whole budget, not pieces. Negotiate on what? Obamacare is law, confirmed 42 times and by the Supreme Court. You do not create a budget that intentionally defunds the operating budget required of any law. It is Congress's responsibility to fund it, even if they don't like it. There is no reason to negotiate whether or not obamacare will survive, you already lost that battle. Now we're on to the budget and it's the GOP holding that up.

They aren't the ones withholding pay...

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Thanks for admitting your error, that the "police wing" are not out of work, as you, uh, claimed. You are also correct about who is withholding pay, it's not the Park Service. After Obama's Parks Service blocked WW II vets from the open-air WW II memorial, the Republican led House passed a CR to fully fund the Parks Service. The Democrat led Senate refused to even discuss it and the Democrat president promised a veto. Better yet, I'm told by a friend in the US Coast Guard Sector Boston that the longtime volunteer keeper of Boston Light on Little Brewster Island in the Outer Harbor has been ordered off the island. She's a volunteer, but Team Obama didn't want anybody to be able to enjoy one of her interpretive tours during the 17% shutdown. Priceless.

I thought the Park Service

I thought the Park Service police were enforcing the park closures but were not getting paid for this work while it was happening. Maybe I'm wrong about that, but I were working for free for the foreseeable future, I would be pissed off too.

I really ought not feed the trolls but...

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There is no such thing as a one-way negotiation.

You know as well as anyone that all the conservatives are trying to do is to get their way. This isn't about making a moral stand or any of that crap.

It's hilarious. "Obama, y u no stand your ground on Syria?" and then a week later "Obama, y u no negotiate with conservatives?" Do you want the man to have a backbone or not?

The conservative line now is "He won't negotiate!". Well, last I remember, the Senate took the CR, stripped out the ACA provisions and sent it back to House. Is that not negotiation? Boehner didn't bring up the Senate version for a vote, so I'm pretty sure if you're busy slinging blame around, you oughta look there too.

The current House tactic of offering piecemeal CR (you reference above, passing a CR to fund the Parks Service) is also a non-starter because all the House has to do is only pass the CR parts they like. I mean, jeez, if the Democrats were dumb enough to fall for that tactic, it'd be the happiest day ever for you guys.

I don't like the whole "the government shuts down but it still keeps an iron grip on federal lands" thing because it flies in the face of common sense, but you really can't possibly think it's not the fault of conservatives playing chicken with civilization.

Just sit on your hands and let the grownups talk.

The article in the Globe said

The article in the Globe said, according to Transit Police, he did not try to steal the bus, he just was found sitting in it, and he was not taken away in an MBTA Police car but was sent off with his friends. I wonder which version is true.

Larcency of a train or trolley?

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Since a train or trolley is not considered a motor vehicle and you really can't steal them because they are on a dedicated track what law can the cops charge someone with if they decide to take one for a joyride?

T Police: Nothing to see here. Must be someone's kid

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If a Silver Line bus isn't a motor vehicle, attempted larceny of property valued over $250 (felony) would cover it but now we learn that it was just someone who had "a few beers too many" who got onto the bus and sat in the driver's seat but meant no harm. Ha! Earlier reports of the suspect attempting but failing to start the bus notwithstanding, he was not arrested, merely driven home by friends. Translated, some "important" person's kid, again.

Or, just maybe...

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..the Transit Police decided that it might not be worth giving someone an arrest record for doing a stupid, harmless stunt like sitting in a bus seat when they weren't supposed to.

A few angry cops yelling at some dumb kid might be enough to keep them from ever trying that sort of thing again and save them from having to book a drunk for a momentary lapse in judgement. It's a win-win.

Call me crazy...

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I'm going to go out on a limb here and guess the guy was white

I wonder if

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the fine drinking establishment was Harpoonfest?