Motorist gets on track in Quincy

Car being lifted off tracks in Quincy. Photo by MBTA.

Car being lifted off tracks. Photo by MBTA.

Unfortunately, that track is part of the Old Colony commuter-rail line, next to the Red Line in North Quincy, so now there are all sorts of delays as crews try to get the fool car off the tracks.

An MBTA spokesman says a ZipCar-driving Somerville man will be cited by Quincy Police.



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damn cyclists!

They need to pass license exams, get insurance, and have license plates like drivers so they're not such a menace!


PS: Always remember to wear your helmet when crashing your SUV over a curb, through a fence, and onto train tracks. NO EXCUSES WEAR YOUR HELMET


Inorite. I've been driving

Inorite. I've been driving that way myself near 20 years (lived off Newport for near as long) and been in this area all my life. I've never seen anythung like that. How in the eff? The guy is lucky the accident didn't happen further down where he would have been stopped by the wall.


My son is only 13 but I am already warning him that one of the most dangerous drivers beyond the elderly person in the 1996 Camry or the 17 year old girl driving Dad's 2006 Explorer with bald tires is the Zipcar driver.

Do I have any facts to back this up? No. However, experience counts, and driving a car to IKEA every seven months and not much more than that leaves the driver a bit under experienced in driving in our fair metro area.

I'm not saying Zipcar is a bad idea, far from it. It is just I keep more than a few dozen feet from one when on one of Boston's more Grand Prix de Monaco level driving streets.

If you noticed this driver messed up in one of the straightest roads for more than 50 feet in the Boston area, Newport Avenue. Need I say more?

By the way, thanks for the commuter rail delay. Got home at 8.

There's probably some truth

There's probably some truth to this, although with the way most people drive in the Boston area, I'm not sure experience counts for much. Some of my best Boston driving was done during the week when when my rear-view mirror fell off my front windscreen. Outta sight outta mind.

I think that you could expand

I think that you could expand the category of dangerous drivers to pretty much any rented vehicle especially U-Hauls and other moving vehicles. When you put someone that doesn't drive often in a vehicle they are not used to, bad things can happen.


Judge LaTulippe's sentence

For the crime of trespassing on the rail company's property and negligent operation of a motor vehicle, I find the operator of the vehicle guilty, and I fine them $100 for each passenger on each delayed train, payable directly to each passenger who submits a valid train ticket to the court. The defendant's wages will be garnished and/or the defendant's assets will be seized and liquidated to ensure compliance. (bangs gavel)

How much will you pay?

Even Jersey Barriers can cause cars to flip up and over if they hit them just right.

Very strange - and rare - accidents do not need to be planned for. The cost of the protection is more than the value of not having accidents (or causing other accidents).