The Race To Replace Marty Walsh as State Rep is on

The race to succeed Mayor-Elect Marty Walsh as the 13th Suffolk District State Representative has begun. Boston Police Officer Tony Dang, a Big-Time organizer for Marty Walsh in both the Vietnamese Communities and all of Dorchester in Walsh's triumphant candidacy to become Boston's Mayor succeeding Tom Menino, has entered the race.

Dang, 32, will face Dan Hunt whose father and brother both ran for the State Rep seat. His father Jim Sr. losing to Jim Brett and his brother Jim Jr. losing to Walsh in a close battle in 1997. Both candidates reside out of the heart of Ward 16: Dang from Precinct 6 and Hunt from Precinct 9.

The 13th Suffolk State Rep District is made up of Boston Ward 7 Precinct 9; Ward 13 Precincts 6, 7, 8, 9, and 10; Ward 15 Precinct 6; Ward 16 Precinct 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 9, 10, 12; Ward 17 Precincts 3 and 5; and one precinct in North Quincy over the Neponset River.

Other rumored candidates are Annissa Essaibi-George who lives north of Columbia Road in the Polish Triangle. Essaibi-George finished a strong 5th as Boston City Council Finalist in the recent City Council At Large race plus she is from the Northern side of the District while Dang and Hunt are from the southern end.

The district is highly diverse with a strong Vietnamese population in all precincts of this district. If Dang can mobilize this large Vietnamese voting population he would become the first Vietnamese State Rep from the 13th Suffolk.

Other strong potential heavyweights include 2011 City Council Finalist from District 3 John O'Toole of Minot Street and Cedar Grove Civic Association President Sean Weir. One heavyweight who will not be a candidate is former mayoral candidate Bill Walzcak who said this on Wednesday night at the Public Health Town Hall meeting at English High School.

The seat will be vacated and a special election will take place within 145-160 days after Mayor-Elect Martin Walsh is inaugurated on January 6, 2014.



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Once again, Doug shows how it's done!

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Gintautas Dumcius, editor at the Dorchester Reporter took issue with some of the facts here in Doug's latest screed and took to Twitter to voice his concerns with Doug's facts.Well as we all know, Doug Bennett does not like to be questioned.

Dumcius said:

Papers aren't even yet available for pulling and 2. George said last week she isn't running.

To which the ever diplomatic Doug replied,

1. I've heard from sources that she again changed her mind. & yes, 2. So what that papers aren't available yet you "know it all"

Followed by Doug saying this;

@gintautasd I love how u r a carpetbagger & u live in Quincy. U don't drive (u rely on taxis), yet u find issue w/someone else's view. LOL

Doug Bennett, everyone! Calling the kettle black for years! Way to court the electorate, Mr. anger management!


I'm all for Doug Bennett

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I'm all for Doug Bennett posting dated— and yes, erroneous— blog posts on UHub if it causes him to take a break from hanging his garish green signs in my neighborhood. Not sure how Bennett - the ultimate carpetbagger, btw- gets these folks to blight their property with his monster-green eyesores.



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Doug is famous for sticking signs in peoples yards (including mine), taping flyers to peoples doors, and putting his juvenile signs everywhere he can, Because he is Doug, he thinks he doesn't need anyone's permission. As a matter of fact when he is specifically asked or told not to do it by the property owner, he does it anyway, being the sociopath that he is.


2 things

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1) Warning to all! If you don't drive, or if you live in Quincy, you're not allowed to criticize Dougie B. and 2) Carpetbagger =Dougie B

(It's ok. I live in the Dot and I drive)


To bold or not to bold

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Doug. I'm wondering how you decide to use bold , with and without italics, and italics, with and without bold. It appears to be totally random and meaningless. I have an idea. Just use a normal font for everything . Reading your posts makes me nauseous.


Wrong again Doug

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Tony Dang was not a "big time" anything. He showed up with 3 weeks left on the campaign, and did basically nothing except get in a few pictures with Marty.
Tony Dang is not a Boston Police Officer
Annissa IS NOT running
Important to note that most Vietnamese are registered Republican, and cannot vote in the 13th suffolk primary
Also, re: carpetbagging....Doug, go back to Nantucket.


Dang and Marty

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It's not fair to say that T-police office Tony Dang did "basically nothing" on Marty's campaign. He was there from the beginning and worked his tail off setting up a Vietnamese field office and organizing the Boston Asian community.

Also, less than half of the Vietnamese voters in Boston are registered Republican and that is a legacy throwback to Nixon and Ford allowing refugees to come to the US after the collapse of the Vietnamese government.

I would argue that win or lose, a run by a public servant, and according to his website, a military combat veteran and member of the Reserve in good standing, could be a great way to get many of the Vietnamese voters who have long been registered Republican to re-register Democrat or at least Independent.

Clearly Dan Hunt is a strong candidate and a great guy, but that's no cause to insult or belittle the only other candidate in the race. I'm sure that the race to replace Marty will be a good and positive race.

Of course, when Doug the Bug Bennett realized that he hasn't got a prayer for Sheriff, maybe he jumps out of the Sheriff's race, re-registers as the Republican his voter registrations reveals him to be, and jumps into the 13th Suffolk race.


Tony Dang

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How Dang could be a rep for the local community while he making a big mess in the Viet Dorchester's activities recently? That will be the cause for his loosing voter's there. A year selective service oversea and few months of Marty's supporter does not make any experience needed for a city Boston rep. We are looking for a better qualify candidate!

Your first paragraph is

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Your first paragraph is totally incorrect. I am a Walsh campaign staffer, and am well aware of how little work Dang did.

Also of note: Tony Dang made $117k last year as an MBTA police officer. Will he quit that job to make $60k as a freshman state representative, or does he plan to hold both jobs and represent dorchester only part-time?


13th Suffolk primary

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There will be a primary for the 13th Suffolk seat,and being a primary ,would that not mean a Democratic and a Republican primary.