RAW VIDEO: President Obama's Motorcade

At about 1:45PM on June 13, 2013, President Barack Obama and his motorcade sped from Roxbury Community College where he rallied 12,000 supporters on behalf of U.S. Representative Ed Markey who is running for United States Senator to replace John Kerry in the June 25th Special Election. This footage was taken near Boston Medical Center at the Massachusetts Avenue/Southampton Street/Melnea Cass Blvd/Mass Ave Connector Intersection heading towards Interstate 93North to go to Logan Airport.


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Hey, Doug!

How about some raw video of Frank Perullo telling you that I called him to complain about you and that you know my real name? I might actually pay to see that!

Oh give it a rest

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Great motorcade....how much is this costing taxpayers exactly? I'd like to see proof that the Markey campaign is reimbursing the government for both Obama trips to stump for him. THIS is why it's so hard to beat incumbents, and why we need term limits.


I'd like to see proof that the Markey campaign is reimbursing the government for both Obama trips to stump for him.

I'd like to see proof that Romney as Governor paid for Bush visits.

Seriously? Is the President now only to go on paid junkets? Do we really want our presidents to hire out like that? Think about that a minute.

This is a paid junket, it's

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This is a paid junket, it's just that taxpayers are footing the bill for this. As a reminder, Romney is no longer Governor and hasn't been for quite some time. Local and state budgets are being stretched thin and it is quite reasonable to ask who is paying for this.

(I can't fathom Markey/Warren as MA US Senators, my God. Two out of state out of touch dolts.)

Classic Repub response

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As some of the posters here are confirming once again, hypocritical Repubs (is there any other kind?) only care about government spending when it's done by Democrats. It would be hilarious if it wasn't so sad and hypocritical. Where was the Repub outrage when Dick Cheney famously said "deficits don't matter"? Oh, right, there was no outrage.

High road?

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Isn't one of the problems in DC these days that no one can ever seem to take the high road? When one party bemoans the purportedly wasteful spending by the other, the response always seems to be, "You did it first!" There seems to be very little reasoned discussion or debate, just endless finger-pointing and claims that the other side either committed the greater wrong or that they did it first, and that turnabout is fair play.

What concerns me in this instance is not who paid for the special detail, but why it is so important to have an 18-term House incumbent become a freshman Senator, esp. one who has done so little for his district. I've had 10 opportunities to vote for Rep. Markey, and I've never done so, leaving his space blank in all those years he ran unopposed, and voting for any number of fringe candidates who have chosen to run against him. Anyone ever been in his local congressional office in Medford Square? Anyone even aware that he has a local office in a prime location in the heart of Medford?


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no matter what happens it's Bush's fault. 2025 war with Iran, Bush's fault, you get in a car accident, Bush's fault. Get your head out of the toilet Swirly.

Let's see

two unfunded wars, one of them illegal, 9/11, tax cuts for the rich, the Patriot Act, and the near collapse of our economy. Bush was responsible for a lot of bad stuff, but he sure does paint purty pichers, though.


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Fast n Furious, Verizon, Benghazi, IRS, Drone Strikes in Pakistan, The AP, Holder perjury, Pigford, Veterans Affairs in Disney World, Solyndra, The New Black Panthers and Voter intimidation, attacking Libya without Congressional approval (ILLEGAL WAR)..

Not the same right! What flavor cool-aid do you prefer?


What other talking points have you learned from Rush/Levin/Hannity and the brown haired guy whose not Steve Doocy? I could talk about how many if those were started under Bush, but you'll probably just call me a liberal and hang up on me.

The New Black Panthers?

That's pure gold. No question that those two guys are the root of all our problems today. I guess you sure told that liberal guy, huh?


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You forgot to blame Teh Gayz.


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Would GOVERNOR Romney pay for a Bush visit? If he was already elected governor, he wasn't having Bush visit to stump for votes. At least Michelle Obama met with some of the marathon bombing victims, President Obama flew in, had a campaign rally for Markey, and flew out. Did you see how many vehicles were involved in that motorcade? So, AF1 was flown up here, at $100k/hour, and I'd guess at least 2 cargo planes for all of the secret service vehicles, and a hundred agents at least. You're ok paying for that? I don't care if he's a democrat or a republican, if it's costing taxpayers $1mm+ to stump for a candidate, it's wrong. If Romney had won the election and flew up to stump for Gomez, I'd say the exact same thing. It is a total misuse of funds for a sitting President to fly around the country campaigning for his fellow party members. You won, get off the campaign trail, stay in DC and do something!

The Point

We don't want to hire out any president of any party or idiology to any interests for any reason.


The President decides where he wants to go, the security detail has to follow. That goes for "to the restroom" as much as for "to Boston".

Paying to rent a president? BAD IDEA.


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getting involved in state politics! Bad Idea!

What are you talking about?

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Who said anything about "hiring out" the President? He's not a birthday clown. What I said, is that if a member of his political party wants him to go stump for votes, he should pick up the tab for his security detail, not the U.S. taxpayers.

Security Tab?

So, there isn't any security tab when the President isn't travelling?


Like I said, it doesn't make any difference whether the destination is the restroom, Malia or Sasha's school play, an official state occasion at the White House or a trip to support a crony. There will be security required. Period. It doesn't matter where he is - there is a security tab associated with being POTUS.


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When the president goes to the school play they pack 20 SUV's onto a cargo plane and take Air Force One out for a few hours (at over $100k an hour)? THAT's the difference. You argument makes zero sense. If he's on official state business, yes of course the federal government should pay for it. If he's going on vacation and visiting a buddy, yes, the federal government should pay for his security. If he (and his wife on a separate occasion) are flying up for a political fundraiser, then no, the federal government should not have to pay. Either the candidate, or the party should pay.


So, then the President becomes a hired clown.

Got it.

Oh, and I'm actually curious where your information about these "20 SUVs on a Cargo Plane" comes from.

Also, I assume you feel the same regardless of party or fundraiser, right?

What are you talking about?

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Who said anything about "hiring out" the President? He's not a birthday clown. What I said, is that if a member of his political party wants him to go stump for votes, he should pick up the tab for his security detail, not the U.S. taxpayers.


If the Dana Farber wanted to invite Obama to speak at a fundraiser for Cancer Research and give him an award, should Dana Farber or the President have to pay for the security detail?

No, of course not.

If Obama went on golfing trips to Myrtle Beach 30 weekends a year, taxpayers might have a problem. Going to a few political fundraisers a year is not a problem. Well, it isn't a problem to me anyway.


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Do you get the difference between Dana Farber inviting him up to receive an award and Markey inviting him up to try and stump for votes? If it were a "few" a year, fine, but it seems like it's quite a few more than a few.

There is a difference bosguy, but....

I think what it really comes down to is the concept that POTUS is still free to go about the country and do things that any other citizen has the right to do. We have to protect him no matter what.

US Senator is not state politics

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By definition and in practice, the position of US Senator is very much national politics and not so much state politics. it's a good idea to get national politicians involved.


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Because national politicians know what's good for the state of massachusetts. They should stay out and let the candidates run on their own....and yes, I'm looking at you Mr. and Mrs. Obama, Mr Clinton, Mr. McCain, etc.

Not really....

But I reserve my right to get this idiot to admit that he lied about me and that he published the phone number of another commenter in his insane quest to know who I am because I committed the crime of asking questions of someone running for public office who is clearly unqualified and has a history of insane behavior on other websites.

If he had admits that he lied about the whole Perullo business and he apologizes in this forum to both myself and the other commenter who has nothing to do with this, and I'll end it right then and there.

Sorry if you don't like it.

dvdoff seems to be the only one outraged so...

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This schizophrenic who sockpuppets himself as "dvdoff" seems to be the only one who is outraged. This schizophenic is doing a pretty good job of acting guilty if he really isn't the one who was exposed. Maybe it's time you give it a rest Dan.

Wow....Dougie...a new low

Posting under another name and with the same grammatical and spelling mistakes. And on top of it, you have wrongly identified me as the person you already falsely accused me of being yet again.

Is there no end to your lunacy? Do you really think you're emotionally equipped for law enforcement?


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I believe dvdoff is correct. This posting has all the signs of classic Dougie.

Not only that

He posts that under a fake name exactly 14 minutes before he posted a video under his own name of a rainbow.

You see, Doug is basically a moron. He's one of those people who thinks he's a lot smarter than he really is. This how he responds to my demanding he apologize to both myself and the person whose number he posted in his sick obsession with trying to discover my real name. Not only am I concerned now that he's deranged in general, I'm actually a little concerned about what he would do if he actually did find out who I was.

He's clearly paranoid and more than a little sick in the head and I would hope that his words and actions preclude any rational person from considering him for ANY public office.

All he has to do is apologize to both myself and "Dan" and admit he lied about my speaking to Frank Perullo and I'll end it. Only he won't, he's that sick.

Bennett for Anything

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He won one election, ever, in Nantucket. And as some of the posts on Uhub have pointed out, that did not turn out well for Nantucket or Dougie.

Despite running for everything in Boston, he never wins. He just leaves his friggin stickers and signs all over the place in Dorchester. And he friggin tapes his campaign literature to front doors. He could just put it in the mail slot like everyone else (or actually mail it like real campaigns do), but Dougie always has to be different.

The more you learn about DB, the more you just don't like him, and he doesn't like that.

His candidacy for Suffolk County Sherrif is a joke, and everyone but Dougie and a few Teabagger wack jobs know it.

Thx guys, here is my strong record & history in elected office:

1. 6/18/03- A brief look at Politics and Douglas Bennett

2. 12/31/03- Bennett brings fresh face to local politics

3. 12/18/03- Bennett first to throw hat in ring

4. 4/1/2004- Bennett bio

5. 4/8/04- Bennett triumphs in election for County Commissioner and Selectman

6. 4/22/04- Bennett helps creates Energy Commission

7. 5/20/04 Man of the People Bennett enters sewer to better understand sewer infrastructure

8. 7/22/04- Selectman Bennett asks DA to investigate CPC

9. 9/23/04 Piere Rinfret: “I support Douglas Bennett.”

10. 10/28/04- Bennett chairs County Commissioner Summit between Nantucket and Dukes County over possible succession by Nantucket from Steam Ship Authority

11. 4/14/05 Bennett stands up for teachers facing possible layoffs

12. 5/26/05- Bennett help brings Red Sox World Series trophy to the community

13. 9/22/05- Bennett suggests town buys out contract of landfill operator

14. 12/5/05- Bennett speaks out against police officer overlooked for promotion due to politics

15. 12/8/05- Bennett’s plan for Fuel Efficient Municipal Vehicles

16. 7/6/06 Bennett participates in meeting with German Officials on Russia, the Middle East, and Alternative Energy

17. 1/4/07- Bennett proposes construction of Ocean Windfarm

****I know I have some anonymous player haters out there, but if you had no idea who I was and you read what I have done regarding my push for progressive solutions like those described in these articles specifically on alternative energy, the environment, my support for the teachers and the police officers who were getting screwed over, my opposition to dirty politics and cronyism, my work with many other important Federal, State, and Local leaders like U.S. Representative Delahunt, you might think I was the second coming of Ed Markey. Not only that, I already have strong experience working for Suffolk County in the Criminal Division at Pemberton Square so I am very familiar with crime and violence here in Suffolk County. So my constituents know, if they want a man of the people you will deliver results, then I am your candidate for Sheriff and I ask for your vote.****

Hey, Doug, why not list your real accomplishments?

You accused me of calling your opponents campaign manager to complain about you. When I asked for proof of these ridiculous allegations, you could provide none and your response was to list the phone number of someone who had nothing to do with this little spat. You then refuse to apologize to me and the other commenter and then you sockpuppet yourself to accuse me again of being the person I'm not and once again you falsely identify the other person again!

You have even been asked to explain yourself by other commenters and you still refuse and now you put up a bunch of puff pieces about your time in Nantucket conveniently forgetting to include the fact that you were removed from the Nantucket council and banned from the YACK board for the same nonsense you pull here.

That's some record, Doug, I'm sure you'll go far in politics. Funny how you discovered this board only a short time ago and you've managed to cover yourself in ignominy with the good folks here. Why don't you try your politicking in the Herald comment sections? I'm sure that's more your speed at this point.

Go away, Doug, you're apparently too delusional or just too stupid to realize that no one here is buying what you're selling and I'll keep posting these replies until you own up to your actions and your lies regarding me and Frank Perullo and the other commenters here who you have falsely accused of being others.

As far as you being the second coming of Ed Markey, Ed Markey could never be accused of being the delusional nut job you have proven yourself to be.

If your gonna trash me, at least use facts

I was never removed from the Nantucket Council.

I was elected, and to be removed as either a Selectman and County Commissioner, I would have had to have been recalled like what happened to Gray Davis by Arnold Schwartzenegger in California.

So what, so another one of my five fellow board members replaced me as Vice Chairman of the Selectmen. I've already discussed in previous posts why and it was because I stood up for a Police Officer who was screwed over when he was up for promotion. Three months later, the guy who replaced me and the chairman Michael Glowacki who was behind the move, were booted out of their positions because myself and two other members had the votes to replace them. Politics is politics. If you do not like the heat get out of the kitchen and I like the heat so I will stay in the kitchen.

The only reason why I did not stay on Nantucket and I would have been re-elected by a landslide was because I had just turned 31 years old and if I was going to succeed at making a difference in many peoples' lives on a greater scale, I had to go to Boston where all the government and media power is and break in here: the Big Leagues.

Yes, the municipality I helped run is same size population wise as both the City of Chelsea and the Town of Winthrop. So if you want to ridicule me fine, but just so you know I am making it and next year when I'm elected Sheriff you will see.

Also if you want to trash me with Grant Sander's quote from the Boston Globe Article from March 2006 about his blog, then use his whole quote. Please don't selectively pick out sentences and warp reality. Because if you quoted Sanders fully, the last statement he made was :

"Dougie is a hurricane... He can't be stopped."

I don't care if you don't like me, but it's obvious by how bitter you are because now you are coming across as a shrill for my opponent and you are making him look desperate.

Sigh.....you really are an idiot, aren't you?

shrill (shrl)
adj. shrill·er, shrill·est
1. High-pitched and piercing in tone or sound: the shrill wail of a siren.

shill (shl) Slang
One who poses as a satisfied customer or an enthusiastic gambler to dupe bystanders into participating in a swindle.
v. shilled, shill·ing, shills
To act as a shill.

There you go, Doug. A little help for your feeble brain. And while we're at it, from the Boston.com piece in question:

But he has also become a controversial figure on Nantucket, where he was banned from a popular island website this winter after being accused of libel, and removed as vice chairman by his fellow selectmen because of questions about his commitment and his knowledge of the town charter.

My apologies, Doug. My mistake was writing that you were removed from the council. Apparently you were removed from the vice chairman position, not the council as I should have noted. Let's continue, shall we?

Bennett's first campaign for selectman, in 2003, was unsuccessful. The following year, he spent weeks waving at cars in the island's Milestone Rotary -- making him an object of some ridicule, but helping him win one of two open seats by a handful of votes. (Willauer, elected the following year, also campaigned in the rotary after seeing Bennett win.)

Now you say:

The only reason why I did not stay on Nantucket and I would have been re-elected by a landslide was because I had just turned 31 years old and if I was going to succeed at making a difference in many peoples' lives on a greater scale, I had to go to Boston where all the government and media power is and break in here: the Big Leagues.

Further evidence of the delusion you live under that people actually think you are anything more than the moron you are. You say you would have been re-elected in Nantucket by a landslide, yet you won your seat by a "handful of votes". Sorry to intrude on your warped reality, but winning by a few votes does not mean you would have been re-elected in a landslide. In fact, everything I can find about your tenure in Nantucket politics indicates that you would not have won re-election, due to your removal as vice chairman,your libelous statements in the Yack board and your overall wackiness. Basically Doug, people in Nantucket figured you out for the lunatic you are and apparently treated you with the ridicule you so richly deserve, so you loaded up the truck and headed for the big time, Boston!

Boston, where so far you haven't exactly made waves in local political circles, so you discovered this blog and by taking advantage of our hosts unending patience,in just a short time you have tried to remake yourself as both Matt Drudge and some sort of local pundit, with your ridiculous analysis of our city's political landscape, one it doesn't look like you'll ever be a part of. You're like that team that always has to play the Harlem Globetrotters, they know they're going to lose, but they still give it their all anyways, right, Doug?

And here's that whole quote you asked for:

Others have faulted Bennett for recklessness, after he accused another islander of extortion on an online message board dedicated to Nantucket politics. Grant Sanders, the administrator of the popular website, known as YACK, said he suspended Bennett's posting privileges because his comments were libelous. (On his site, Sanders credited ''the Doug Brouhaha" with boosting visitor traffic by almost 20,000 hits per day in December.)

Sanders said he would happily welcome Bennett back to the website if he would apologize. Bennett maintains he did nothing wrong.

''I think he is a decent and caring young man," Sanders wrote in an e-mail. ''He's like a hurricane. You can't stop the guy."

So once again, your lunacy has been well documented. First on Boston.com and now here with your doxing of an innocent person,your posting replies under a different name calling me a "schizophenic",your false accusations regarding me, and your general refusal to prove your allegations that I called Frank Perullo to complain about you. Where's your proof, Doug? I'm still waiting for it. You know, where you said it was the "God's honest truth"?

Doug, your last statement shows just how delusional you really are. I have nothing to be bitter about. I know you're an idiot, apparently every one on Nantucket knows you're an idiot, pretty much everyone on this board now knows you're an idiot and now you accuse me of sh(r)illing for your opponent,because in your delusional world of paranoia and lies, I would be bothered to work for your opponent when a 4 year old knows you don't have a snowball's chance in hell of ever becoming Sheriff.

If I were your opponent, all I'd have to do is release the transcripts of your nonsense on this website alone to the press and he wouldn't even have to campaign against you, not that he has to anyways.

And you know what, Doug? You don't like the heat. When cornered you lash out with lies and false accusations and a complete and utter inability to produce proof of your lies, so no, you can't take the heat, Doug. If anything you melt like a chocolate soldier in the sun.


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Your little grudge is just getting depressing. I agree Dougie is a useless hack, but come on man.


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It gets annoying to see your spam-like fights with him everywhere he comments.


It's a big Internet, I'm sure you're a capable person who has no problem skipping my posts if they are not to your liking. No one is forcing you to read what I write and you weren't the one who was the victim of this morons delusional antics.

Keep up the postings dvdoff

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I disagree that dvd's postings are annoying or that he should give it a rest. I too have experienced Doug's lies in person when I foolishly tried to have a reasoned conversation with him, and lies directed at me personally on this website. And I also experienced his sticky tape on my front door. Doug deserves all the criticism he gets, and more.

Dvd has repeatedly asked Doug to answer some questions about his attacks on dvd and Doug keeps deflecting.

Keep it up and don't stop dvd.

The comment section is not your personal sandbox to foul.

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This a community. We're not terribly concerned about your personal feud with Doug Bennett. Both of you should be ashamed of yourselves for polluting the discussions back here. You're an angry dude with strong opinions. we get it. maybe you should consider starting a blog.

I for one look forward to the next post

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by Doug or his detractors. The entertainment value is priceless. If you feel otherwise, as has been pointed out, just go elsewhere.
Doug brings all of this on himself. Bring it on Doug!

Of course, this being a free and open blog

you are entitled to express your displeasure at my spat with little Dougie. Unfortunately for you, it's not your blog, it's Adam's. If and when he decides that I am out of line and says so to me, here or in PM, then I am free to post to my heart's content. Adam has no problem telling me when he thinks I push it and has in the past.

I have also been a member of this community for over four years and a lot of my postings are very well received in the community. I have lived all of my life here, I am in a profession that affords me the chance to serve power players from all walks of life and I sometimes share my experiences with the community. I didn't just show up two months ago and try to use this blog as a free campaign commercial for a job I am ridiculously unqualified for. We have enough lunatic politicians ruining this country and I don't feel that we should be putting some moron in charge of jails because he isn't making it in the real world, so he wants a 120K a year do nothing job and he thinks because he pushed papers at a courthouse, he's suddenly an expert on penology.

I am snarky, yes and can be downright rude at times, but I would never pull the crap that this idiot pulls here and I would never accuse anyone here of something they did not do without proof.

I'm truly sorry if you don't like this thread, but I would never use the word "we're" in speaking out against my little tiff with Mr. Peebles, I think "I'm" would be more appropriate and I would never presume to speak for the collective audience of this blog.

And as I stated previously, no one is forcing you have to read my postings on this, if you see my name in a Dougie related thread, you are more than welcome to skip to the next commenter. If anything I would think Doug would want to end this by just providing proof that I spoke to this Frank Perullo person, which he can't and by apologizing to the person whose phone number he published who is not me, which he won't.

I think POTUS

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NO MATTER their political party or ideology, need to be brought down a notch or two. The extravagant bubble they live in, including their ridiculous massive motorcades, is out of control. They're president of a constitutional republic, not Louis XIV the Sun King.

We even shut down highways and streets for the VP! Ridiculous. JFK used to ride in regular traffic, even stop for red lights. Truman used to sneak out of the white house without his secret service detail.

And this is a NON-PARTISAN ISSUE. If you're a true believer or paid and brought for shill, fine. I know I'm not the only one who gets sick of the same old, same old party shilling.


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For the uninitiated, "non-partisan", "I don't care if he is Repub or Democratic" "down in DC" and the allegation that "Democrats blame Bush for everything", are all Repub code words from the Republican playbook to deflect from the truth. Repubs are consistent if nothing else. The vast majority of the national debt comes from Repub policies and laws under Bush. Look it up.

Markey is one of the best and most honest politicians in the country and will make a great Senator. All this alleged "bi-partisan" nonsense is just that- transparent nonsense.

I'm the OP

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And I'm not Republican nor Democrat. I DO NOT TAKE TALKING POINTS AND USE 'CODE-WORDS'. Why do people like you find it so difficult to believe that not everybody is a rabid, rigid ideologue and party shill like you?

I criticized GW Bush ALL THE TIME; and I find MANY things to be critical about Obama.

Rabid and rigid you say?

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So I am a "rabid, rigid, ideologue, and party shill". From one anon to another, please know that I am not rabid, not rigid, and not a party shill. I am a bit of an ideologue but not as much as you, you alleged "non-partisan" user of talking points, you.


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Not sure using JFK as an example is a great idea seeing how he was, you know, assassinated, but I do agree with you. There's really no need for a 37 vehicle caravan everywhere he goes. No need for an ambulance to follow when he's riding in a bulletproof/bombproof vehicle. I really would love to know what a 6 hour trip to Boston costs the US taxpayer.

No, you're not the only one who gets sick of it, anon.

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The "same old-same old" party shilling is just that...it's getting old. Moreover, I no longer buy into the "vote for the lesser of two evils" BS, because I see it for what it is...a bunch of BS. The only way to get rid of the same old-same old party shilling is to change the system entirely, and as long as the American electorate at large continues to vote those into office who represent the system that's already in place, there'll be no change.

If more people voted for third party candidates that represented real change and truly progressive views, etc., things would be different, if one gets the drift.

same old-same old

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I hope you're not talking about Markey, he's only been in DC for 37 years. He should have 20 more left in him.

More fun with Dougie!!..Today's topic: gay marriage!!!

From Bay Windows in 2006, Laura Kiritsky's column:

Since I love it when Republicans call me to offer themselves up for an interview — mainly because it almost never happens — when Nantucket Selectman and state Senate candidate Doug Bennett rang my cell phone during the Massachusetts Republican Convention in Lowell back on April 29, I headed straight over to his booth. There I was greeted not only by the man himself — a boyish, gregarious 30-year old — but by a life size black-and-white photo of the candidate posed in a pastoral setting but clad in a suit, and chomping on cigar.

“Everyone says I look like a young Clint Eastwood in that picture,” Bennett explains when I inquire about the prop. “And that’s the type of politician I am. I’m straightforward, I speak the truth, I’m open, I’m hardworking and I’m honest. And people want someone like that. I’m a man of the people.”

But Bennett’s position on same-sex marriage, to paraphrase Mr. Eastwood, won’t exactly make your day. Though he begins a discussion of the issue by noting that his uncle is gay, Bennett, who is looking to unseat pro-equality Democratic Sen. Robert O’Leary, had difficulty articulating a clear position. “I feel that the whole thing comes down to this: The church and the state should always be separate,” said Bennett. “I just believe that the state government should not be telling churches who they should and should not marry. They should allow the churches to decide for themselves.”

When I point out to him that the only issue at hand is civil marriage rights for same-sex couples, Bennett replies, “I don’t even think that city hall should be marrying anyone. I think the government … should be staying out of the whole marriage concept as a whole. It’s a big religious ceremony and I feel that what they should do, if people want to get married, instead of having the state governments do it or the local governments do it what they should do is set up private entities that marry people.” (Like Halliburton? And they say gay people are trying to redefine marriage!)

When push comes to shove, though, Bennett, who seems to be unaware of the current attempt to put a gay marriage ban on the 2008 ballot, believes the issue should go before the voters. “All I know is the decision’s already been made and I don’t foresee anything coming back in front of the voters,” says Bennett. “I think that if anything happens you send it to the ballot and you let the people decide. Yeah, you know, let the people’s will decide because that’s the way government should work.”

Bennett further confuses his position on the issue by then stating that “Ultimately I believe that it comes down to a person’s right to privacy …” Which brings us back to the words of Mr. Eastwood to explain Bennett’s position on marriage equality: “If you want a guarantee, buy a toaster.” Or stick with O’Leary.

Once again, Doug showing the world that in his case, clueless is next to Godliness! There goes the gay vote, Doug! Maye you should try handing out flyers at the Ramrod! You might have a little trouble finding it though, see as how you once stated this about Lucia's Restaurant:

"His father is the legendary Filipo,who is hardcore politically and he owns Lucia Restorante across from TD North Garden."

Well, I think you might have a little trouble finding that jail near North Station if you think Hanover Street is across from the Garden!

And then there's this little nugget from Cape Cod Today 2/2/13 regarding Doug's delusion that he might have been a Senator:

The irrepressible former Nantucket Selectman declares for the GOP Senate nomination, but he asks for your support... and money

You remember Doug Bennett, the guy lugging that huge sign at the Hyannis rotary in 2006 when he ran for the Cape & Island Senate seat but lost the GOP nomination to Rick Barros.

In 2006 the then incumbent Rob O'Leary won that election, but Doug is aiming higher this time, the Republican nomination to run for former Senator John Kerry's seat.

With Scott Brown out of the race for the US Senate, Bennett declared his candidacy to run in the GOP primary in April - if he can get 10,000 signatures and raise a enough money.

What happened to those 10K signatures, Doug? Piss too many people off by taping your literature to painted doors?