RAW VIDEO: Street Fight on Columbia Road

Yesterday at around 3PM while driving down Columbia Road, a street fight broke out between two cars. One car had a license plate from New Hampshire while the other car has Massachusetts plates. If you watch closely, one man is holding a baseball bat.



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Hard to see a baseball bat

while you were cowering in your car. Some law and order Sheriff you'll make. I bet you didn't even call the cops. And I find it a tad creepy that you ride around with a video camera in your car instead of watching the road. Then again, you are an idiot, right "Roslindale Ronnie"?

So Doug?

Did you in fact call the police? And what happened? Why did you stop filming when you did? The fight was just starting to get interesting.


You just drive around with one hand, with a camera flailing around in the other? I can totally understand a dash cam -- but please don't tell me you drive around holding a camera at all times?

Off Topic but..

Just to note, Curt Schilling's game actually sold decently and had pretty good reviews. The sales looks more impressive considering the genre and being a first-time company. It was his lack of management acumen rather than making a bad game.

I know it's besides the point and probably covered as you probably meant to profit than just sales reflecting the game's quality. But I want to make sure it is clear.

Doug might have had a good chance here actually....

If he got out and did something. That is the Sheriff I want. The guy who gets out and helps people and makes sure no one gets hurt. Yea the guy has a bat, but what if someone innocent is the target of that bat attack? I wouldn't want my wife or mother trying to stop it, but I would want someone who wanted to be Sheriff try to stop it.

Just my two cents. Back to my popcorn for the Dvdoff/Dougie show.