Reality show fills in some details of Franklin Park finger-chopping mystery

You may recall the story this past July when a guy showed up at Faulkner Hospital missing a finger or two and told police it happened in Roslindale, no, wait in Franklin Park and it was muggers, yeah, muggers, who wanted his ring, only the cops couldn't find any blood or missing fingers and his girlfriend told police he never wears rings.

Turns out a crew from "Boston's Finest" was following a couple of the detectives called into the case and after some basic shoe-leather-type investigating, they determined the guy was made to sit in a chair in a Hyde Park apartment (in a modernish low-rise complex "off Hyde Park Avenue") known for its use for prepping cocaine for sale. And there he had one finger and part of another finger rather violently ripped or sawed off. And they concluded he probably lied about where and why the attack happened out of fear the attackers would come after him again. Oh, and the finger wound up outside the door of the brother of his other girlfriend. Maybe next week we'll watch the dramatic arrest of the finga choppahs.



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Modernism low-rise complex

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As in projects? But Adam, you of all people should know nothing bad ever comes out of public housing, they're a valuable asset to any neighborhood, and implying otherwise is demonizing the poor and makes you an evil racist winging.


Not from around here, I guess

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Or you'd know there are low-rise apartment buildings in the southern part of the city that are not public projects. But what else should I expect from a racist wingding who thinks everybody who lives in public projects are criminals?


Oh c'mon

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Strawman to the max, you can do better than that. No one is saying everyone who lives in the projects is a criminal, I'm simply pointing out the fact that any mention of crime in the projects results in a swirly, eeeka, spongebob & co screaming fit, as if it's all made up and crime levels at Archdale are lower than those at some random market rate complex in West Roxbury.


Call for Factual Evidence

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I'm simply pointing out the fact that any mention of crime in the projects results in a swirly, eeeka, spongebob & co screaming fit, as if it's all made up

Maybe because there is never any real data wid it?


Oh, so you were launching a pre-emptive strike

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Since none of those folks had said anything in this discussion before you.

Could you show me where anybody has ever said that crime is lower in Archdale than, say, Roslindale Village (or even Beech-Washington)? The folks you mention are usually responding to people who demand we carpet-bomb public housing from outer space or something because obviously all those people are criminals. Glad to see you're not one of those commenters.



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Is there a setting where we can trivially filter out everything that nobody cares to take credit for? Anon-away, anon-begone, whatever?

Greasemonkey script, anyone?

Ooh, I want to see this place

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Where are the projects off of Hyde Park Avenue?

Remember, Archdale is across the tracks, which makes them more describable as "off of Washington Street." The Malone Apartments are closer, but they would be best described as "by Cleary Square."

On the other hands, there are several private apartment complexes by Hyde Park Ave. Is this a failure of the private sector?

Definitely not Archdale

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And unlike the neighborhood-challenged producers (last night, they showed one cop patrolling Blue Hill Avenue "in Hyde Park"), it was one of the detectives who said the apartments were off Hyde Park Avenue.