The Red Line looks at the Giant Orange Line Shrimp and snorts in derision


Bridgit Brown forwards this photo, which she took this morning on the Red Line. Think he could take the Giant Orange Line Shrimp in a fight? She concludes:

Who? What is this thing? Too early in the morning for me to decipher ...



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Pacific Rim

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It's like the aliens vs. robots in Pacific Rim.

Thems Fightin Words

Hm... perhaps Jaeger Master Chief would like to meet the Giant Orange Line Shrimp on the Blue Line to settle this like a hilariously low budget version of Pacific Rim...


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That's a Transit cop showing out the new robocop look


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Please tell me you meant that as a Simpson's reference. PLEASE.

Classic photo

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Did anyone else notice (and love) the fact that the woman sitting in the seat looks like she's checking out Master Chief's junk?

Anyone? No?

Well. Carry on then.