Remembrance Day in the North End

Matt Conti photographed a bagpiper outside Old North Church this morning during a commemoration for Remembrance Day, the British version of our Veterans Day.

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We are in America and as a

We are in America and as a veteran it is insulting Adam sees fit to mention the British version of Veterans Day but no coverage of any Veterans Day activities that occurred in Boston .. Apparently it's not news worthy ?

Oh please

Speak for yourself.

I'm also a Veteran (USNR discharged 1986) and I find your ridiculous, divisive nonsense to be insulting. It is exactly this sort of us versus them jingoistic absurdity that generates far more war veterans than need be.

Why is it up to Adam or required of Adam to post anything at all? Why can't you get off your own "patriotic" arse and join a local observance or otherwise observe Veteran's day in what you consider to be a proper American way in your own time by your own standards? You could even get yourself a log-in, document it all, and blog it and Adam would promote it to the main page!

Yesterday, I went out and made a cycling loop, visiting numerous memorials in Medford, Winchester, Lexington, Concord, and Bedford. But I had the day off of work - many people didn't. I didn't demand that Adam come with me and document my travels in order to be a good and proper patriot.


I depend on the kindness of strangers - and friends

First, I must compliment you on being able to handle that giant bar of soap you used to whip yourself into such a lather.

Look at the posting date of the photo. It's Nov. 10 - the day before Veterans Day, but the day commemorated by the British both in England and, yes, in the North End, which is part of Boston and so makes the photo noteworthy.

Also look at the photo's credit. I didn't take it. Matt Conti did and tagged it on Flickr in such a way that I'd see it and be allowed to post it here.

Many (most?) of the photos here are like that. It's one of the ways I can help cover Boston without any staff at all (and I am very grateful to folks who do that).

Had somebody tagged any photos or sent me any of Veterans Day, I would have posted. I probably could have gone in search of general interest photos and ask for permission, but the sad fact is that Universal Hub is not the only way I make money and yesterday I was involved in rush to help somebody else finish a new Web project by 5 p.m. and just didn't have the time for that. I certainly meant no disrespect to anybody.