Renovated South End fountains getting clogged with dog hair

Neal captured these filter cloggers in the act in the Blackstone Square fountain this morning.Neal captured filter cloggers in the Blackstone Square fountain this morning.

Seems their pump systems weren't designed to handle hair, the Globe reports.

Citizen complaint of the day: Renovated South End fountain already ruined, doggone it



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    No one, and I mean no one

    loves dogs as much as I do, but this is ridiculous. Does it say anywhere on the structure that this fountain is for dogs? I don't think so.

    It's really outrageous.

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    Look at the entitlement in the prior posts - it's not drinking water, don't people have better things to complain about, etc. Jesus Christ people have some consideration for your neighbors who worked hard to get those fountains restored. How dumb do you have to be not to understand that pounds of dog hair are going to clog a filtration system?

    Another issue

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    is that fountains that aren't intended for bathing (human or dog) either contain harsh fountain chemicals that were absolutely not meant for skin/eye contact, accidental ingestion, etc. OR they have no chemicals whatsoever, and are a disgusting brew of various bacteria from the various people who ignore this rule.

    You and your pet can get very sick swimming in and drinking from fountains that were not intended for swimming.

    Dog hair may be part of the problem, but...

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    It might be a red herring too. Although I don't condone people letting their dogs in the fountains (more of a problem in Blackstone Square). I live about a block away from Franklin Square and walk by a couple of times per day. Both fountains are in leafy green parks and Franklin Square's fountain is covered by the canopy of oak and elm trees. There have been quite a few times that I've walked by and noticed decent amounts of plant debris in the lower bowl of the fountain in Franklin Square. The contractor charged with maintaining the fountains does come by regularly and skim and vacuum the fountains out.

    I can imagine, however, that

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    I can imagine, however, that filters designed to keep out plant debris are not fine enough to filter out dog hair.

    One question

    If these fountains are clogging with "dog hair", how, exactly, are they going to handle the massive arboreal shedding event known as "fall in New England"?

    Good Point, however...

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    the fountains will be turned off, I will assume, sometime before the cold weather hits and maybe before any significant foliage could possibly clog the drain.

    That is a seasonal problem. Dogs jumping in and swimming in the fountain appear to be more of a continual problem while the water is flowing.

    The South End is a dog toilet

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    The South End is a dog toilet now.
    They pickup the crap but everything stinks like piss.
    Its F-N disgusting.
    I can't even walk past peters park, the piss stink cloud chokes me.
    Kids used to play there...
    Dog owners are the most inconsiderate neighbors, where are your priorities people?