Residents along South Street warned to lock their windows

District E-13 in Jamaica Plain reports a trio of enterprising lads are reaching through people's windows and grabbing whatever they can get, preferably laptops, in the early evening.



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    This is not new

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    I got robbed by someone about two and a half months ago. This has been happening in this area for months. Instead of "warning residents" maybe the police should step up patrols, or actually follow up on their police work. The detectives that came to my house didn't even have the courtesy to call me back after they took fingerprints at my house.
    There's also been a mail theft epidemic in the area. So much so that UPS won't even deliver a package to my house. Again, instead of sending out warnings, how about doing some police work. It's frustrating to get my stuff stolen all the time, and the police literally do nothing aside from send out an email, which I didn't even get personally, even though I live on South Street.
    The BPD needs to get their act together. The seem they can't be bothered by things like breaking and entering and larceny. Well, it start with breaking and entering and larceny, then people like me decide to leave the neighborhood because we don't want to deal with the BS, and it all goes downhill from there.

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    Instead of "warning

    Instead of "warning residents" maybe the police should step up patrols, or actually follow up on their police work.

    Ha ha ha ha ha. I know, right? Good one.

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    Our apartment was broken into

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    Our apartment was broken into (Moraine St) and BPD detectives actually did a great job. They identified the suspect based on fingerprints they found at our place and now he's awaiting trial for a string of B&E and larceny charges.

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    I live on Moraine too and caught a lazy-eyed drunk black guy with Coolio-esque crappy hair twists trying to break into my house a while ago. Does that match the description of your perp?

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    How Long Ago?

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    I'd be interested to see if it was the same person.

    Either way, I haven't heard a peep from the BPD about my break-in, OR the fingerprints that they collected.

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