The return of the ballerinas to the Green line

Cheryl Stober reports on the annual summer migration:

Each summer, a group of teenage ballerinas starts getting on the train at Kenmore Square, and riding the few stops to Copley Square. With their yoga mats and hair done up in perfect buns, I'm just fascinated by them. I don't know anything about their program, but seeing them as I'm trudging off to my office tower just makes me happy. I imagine that they're putting a little more grace out into the universe (whereas I don't a graceful twitch in my body). I've noticed that other commuters seem to cheer up in their presence too.



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like dandelion seeds

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You can also see them drifting through Back Bay station. There's clearly a summer program at Boston Ballet in the South End every year. They generally seem quiet and sweet and lovely. And they move like a different species.

I actually used to work on

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I actually used to work on BU's campus during the summer. some of these girls are super-nice, but a lot of them are--as you'd expect--prima donnas. I'd say it's a 50/50 split between nice girls and stuck-up ones who treat kitchen staff like slaves.

No but...

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program participants are housed at BU per the program website.

BU/Boston Ballet

It says in the very first post in this thread, the one by anon 8:58am (quoted from the Boston Ballet's website)

Students ages 15-19 dance at Boston Ballet's headquarters in Boston's historic South End and live at Boston University in Kenmore Square.


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Ah, the Ballerine (pl.) have returned. They used to live in dorms on Commonwealth Avenue long ago, and would walk past my apartment every day. They can inspire all of us to stand up straighter, pin back our shoulders, lift our heads... and some of us might even consider the charm of walking with delicately turned-out feet.

I know I'm a bad person, but

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I see the hordes of these kids while walking from Back Bay Station to Copley Square in the morning and they kind of freak me out.

I'm sure they are good kids overall, but together, it's just the oddest sight. They all pretty much look the same, down to the bun heads. That mass of sameness is a bit unnerving for my tastes, but then again, I'm just weird that way.

I look forward to when the session is over.

Herd of Gazelles

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Ballet can be akin to a cult, but we don't need to worry about them trying to convert the world. Buns aside, it's notable to see that many kids with elegant posture and willowy bodies. If you met them, you'd find they are indeed individuals, except for their love of dance and their talent and discipline, all of which got them into this program. It's true that they can make the rest of us feel like elephants in comparison.