The reward hardly seems to justify the risk

Coin dudesBraintree Police report they are looking for a couple of dudes who have figured out how to get coins out of vending machines.

According to police, the pair robbed two vending machines at the Holiday Inn Express in Braintree last Wednesday:

It appears the suspects were able to access the locking mechanism on the candy machine by removing the coin/change flap and placing a tool up through this opening to the lock. The Coke machine had no physical damage to it; it is unsure if the suspect(s) had a key to the machine or if they were able to access the lock some other way.

Police say the two may be the same lock pickers who got a laundromat change machine in Auburn to spill its guts 4 1/2 hours earlier.



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    change theft

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    we used to just slip a piece of cardboard up into the slot the change dropped out of on the change machine at the local laundromat. then we would sit across the street and wait. before long we had enogh for a pizza (or later a six pack). those poor students with wet clothes really broke our hearts.

    statute of limitations is up on all my dirty deeds, it may be time for a book. confessions of a teenage maniac.


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    These two look like a couple of kids - like 10 year old kids. Obviously this is theft and these kids should have the crap scared out of them by the police (and their parents) but it shows how much things have changed in the past 20 years when kids stealing change from a Coke machine are being pursued by police and their photos are posted on the internet along with hardened criminals (presumably at the request of the police). When I was a kid, other kids at camp would spend hours theorizing how to get change out of the Coke machine with hangers, card board, magnets, you name it. When they got caught, which they inevitably did, they got a sit down and a shaming from mom and dad, not a rap sheet.

    Note, Braintree must be a pretty sweet place to live if the police have the time to actually pursue stuff like this.


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    If they were able to pull this off without the use of a key and just basic tools, then the company that makes these machines for Coca Cola (and presumably many others) has some 'splaining to do.

    But really what's going to happen is the company will try to sue these two into oblivion rather than admit there was a security flaw in their product and fix it. Sort of like the hotel door lock kid.



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    Just seeing their poor little pimply-faced mugshots makes me think of the 1-800-Cars-4-Kids jingle. They're so busted!