Rex Trailer rides off into sunset

Rex Trailer in Wakefield on July 4, 2008. Photo by Mark Sardella. Used under this CC license.Rex Trailer in Wakefield on July 4, 2008. Photo by Mark Sardella. Used under this CC license.

Associated Press reports that Rex Trailer died yesterday in Florida. He was 84.



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    A giant local television

    A giant local television personality who was always a class act.

    A testament to Rex's popularity was his appearance in many local parades where now gray-haired 'kids' would wave while hollering "Howdy Rex" as he rode by. It was simply wonderful to see the joy in the faces of Rex's now middle-aged 'kids' as well as the embarrassment on face of younger children and grand-children at their parent's momentary transport to an earlier time.

    Major Mudd!! I forgot about

    Major Mudd!! I forgot about him, I loved his show too and still remember the theme song. My older sibling was on Boom Town (standing by the gate waving as Rex rode in). I was on Bozo - Twice!

    Rex & Crimson Travel

    I went with Rex and Crimson Travel to California. I was 18 and went with my younger cousins. Everything was so well planned. It was the best vacation I have ever had. Nothing has ever compared to the organization, variety and fun we had. Rex entertained us with shows roping, shooting, and singing. He was really talented.

    Thank you for a Great memory.


    I once met Rex Trailer in 1996...

    It was the first few months of working in Waltham and I had to work on a Saturday. There was something going on in the park near the Moody Street bridge and sure enough, Rex Trailer was there.

    Nice man...inquisitive and friendly. We talked for a bit and then I got on the train back to Boston.