Rightwing Virginia candidate has roots in Boston

The Washington Examiner reports E.W. Jackson, now running for lieutenant governor in Virginia, ran up back taxes in Massachusetts from his days running WLVG, a Cambridge gospel station at 740 AM. He eventually declared bankruptcy.

At the time, Jackson was also pastor of a church that eventually became the New Cornerstone Exodus Church in Mattapan. In 1988, WGBH reported Jackson got standing applause at a community meeting in South Boston when he spoke against city efforts to desegregate BHA housing projects, and noted his opposition to mandatory seat-belt use.

Jackson graduated Harvard Law in 1978 and served as a minister for both the Boston Fire Department and the Red Sox.

In 1990, Jackson helped organize a statewide petition drive for a referendum on a state law banning discrimination against gays and lesbians.

In 1992, he sparked a city-council brouhaha when councilors Jimmy Kelly and Dapper O'Neil moved to issue a proclamation congratulating Jackson for his work as a minister - which sparked an outcry from gay Councilor David Scondras and Councilor Charles Yancey, the Globe reported at the time.

After he moved to Virginia in 1998, Jackson declared homosexuality "perverse," compared Planned Parenthood to the Ku Klux Klan and linked yoga to Satanism. However, he has disavowed that comment, along with a similar statement that birth defects were the fault of sinning parents.



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    Perfect for Virginia? Sounds

    Perfect for Virginia? Sounds like he's perfect for the Treasury Dept.-or what the hell-even the White House:

    he went on in the tell-all appearance to acknowledge that he habitually smoked marijuana and took other, harder drugs when he was young.


    Never forget that Fred Phelps

    Never forget that Fred Phelps and his 'church' (family of lawyers using an organized religious status to avoid taxes and claim discrimination) used to work for Al Gore until it became more lucrative to be incendiary and sue people for attacking your their deliberately inflammatory hate speech than work for political campaigns.


    Got a link for that?

    First I've heard - I'd like to find some more from a source other than the Daily Caller, which pops up on google and seems to be somewhere between the Onion and Weekly World News in the quality of its reporting.

    Left Wing

    I'm waiting for the day that you use Left Wing in a headline. It would be really something if you put the word extreme in front of it.

    I've no allusion, this won't happen from a left winger like yourself.

    How sad that this is your view of a pastor.

    Carry on.

    How sad ...

    That this pastor:

    Wants to deny people fundamental human rights;

    Has blamed parents' alleged lack of righteousness for their children's birth defects;

    Etc., etc.

    Hiding behind a cloak of righteousness doesn't make him righteous or deserving of praise.

    As for your other point, yeah, I think you want Breitbart or NewsMax.


    How sad that this is your view of a pastor.

    Yeah, because religious leaders NEVER do ANYTHING wrong! Anyone who believes otherwise is a liberal whacko!

    *cough diddling priests cough*


    I think you prove my point. If you'd started with a Ra├║l Grijalva or a Bernie Sanders, I might have actually considered you to be somewhat informed on where the "Left Wing" even begins to touch today's politicians.

    The question is a trick. There are zero leftist extremists in today's politics for you to point to. Any examples you can come up with that you think would fit in that category (like Maxine Waters) is because you have no feel for the absolute position that you would have to take to be "Left Wing" given the relative position of today's political spectrum being right of center, at best.

    Jeremiah Wright

    Hey, remember all of the 'sad' right wing views expressed about pastors like Jeremiah Wright, Jesse Jackson, and Al Sharpton? If only there was an "allusion"-free anon voice of reason who could have spoken up at those times!

    I guess if a person is right wing and a "pastor", you get a free pass and are above criticism. If clergy like Ted Haggard, Father Geoghan, and "Bishop" Eddie long have proven anything, it's that pastors are beyond reproach.