Road-ragin' Arlington woman goes off on T driver, says he's why people in Arlington get murdered

Sounds like somebody needs some anger-management classes. Allegedly, of course.



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Sorry I missed that alleged incident. So, MBTA is allegedly responsible for those 4 Arlington deaths? What awesome citizens, solving all these alleged crimes! Police take notice! Pay attention and you too may learn some alleged crime solving tips.



Woman berates a bus driver saying that a parked bus hit her illegally parked BWM. Claims parked buses hitting expensive cars is the reason for local homicides.

I live nearby and can attest busses park in that spot frequently. They have no need to back up.

Nice to see they didn't arrest the deranged woman nor ticket her for having an illegally parked car. Women in Arlington with BMWs deserve to be treated differently. It's bad enough a parked bus damaged her expensive car.


I have a hunch

Who this woman could be.

There was a truly unpleasantly entitled awful person living just around the corner from those murders. She drove BMWs, and treated anybody and everybody in the neighborhood with contempt, disdain, and expectations that they served her.

I have described before how I shoveled her walkway into her driveway, and how the plow guy in the lot across the street clearly must have finished that job?

Yeah. Her. Would not surprise me one bit if it is her.


too many people like her in

too many people like her in MA. I would like to thinks she has a mental illness but the fact is that she is just entitled and a powerful rich woman who will always get her way in life at the cost of decent human beings, such as the bus driver in this case. wouldndt be surprised if she sues MBTA. and WINS


There are few things that give me greater joy

than watching how their thinly veiled sense if entitlement flies out the window when their ultimate driving machines are on the hook at Logan. They leave them at a terminal long enough for a Statie to get a wrecker over there and boy do their privileged attitudes fade in the face of a guy who could give two shits who they are or how much money they have.


What do u all think the

What do u all think the reason is that this woman acts like this? Dissatisfaction with her own life so she constantly attacks others? Reminds me of a cigarette puffing lady I saw tonight on highway in nice SUV who was driving with lights off.. For no reason she got behind me, flickered her high beams, then exited highway. I almost snapped I was so annoyed.

Mental Illness

Mental Illness seems to be the commonality between the Arlington triple murder-suicide and the ranting BMW driver.

Too bad the bus didn't seem to have cameras installed. She still deserved to be arrested, lest the MBTA/Arlington police discriminate when they choose who to arrest for assaulting drivers.



She of course should have been arrested. Do you think for a minute if she were a guy, he wouldn't have been arrested?

Why is there so much arrogant, rude, entitled behavior in our society? It gets worse by the year. I was in a supermarket two days ago, and a 'respectable' looking middle aged woman was screaming [yes, screaming] at an employee over some ridiculous, BS issue, treating him like he were her slave. Many of the other customers in the store acted oblivious to their surrounding, talking loudly on phones, stopping where they pleased and blocking isles, and the behavior once they got into their vehicles out in the parking got amped up. The anonymity when driving, working or even living in places you know few people, behind a computer or "internet device", all these things allow for both aggressive and passive aggressive behavior to pour out. There's a lot of angry, frustrated people around, and I don't claim to be above it all.


And these people always get

And these people always get there way. They are basically bullies and everyone is afraid of them. Aka acting like ur talking on phone in supermarket and cop who didn't punish BMW lady. We live in fear of these people . They have power and will sue us if we get in their way

No offense to anyone but I

No offense to anyone but I read a study on personality traits of people in different parts of USA. The northeast had more introverts and the liberal regions had ruder people. Shame it's that way but I think it's aurally true kinda