Rob Consalvo loses his giant head on the Web

Rob Consalvo's campaign Web site has undergone a redesign and it no longer features the same oversized headshot on every single page that made every single page look identical to those of us without big-ass professional-grade graphics-designer monitors.



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Who cares?

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Who cares?



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It's becoming increasingly clear that Adam has a horse in this race. I think he thinks he's being subtle.

Rob Consalvo Sends his Thanks

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Doth protest too much. I think its fairly obvious you lean Consalvo,this is the second time you link his site, you highlight a blogger choosing Consalvo which is honestly wierd, shes probably great and all but shes just another run of the mill blogger. You've posted several things about his kickoff while ignoring kickoffs by other candidates like Walczak or Arroyo and barely touching others like Ross's.

Perhaps you don't see redirecting traffic to his website as odd, but I don't see you promoting anyone elses website never mind doing it twice.

P.S The most striking thing about that website redesign is he doesn't have a platform or issues even on a second attempt. Just donate or volunteer. That tells me all I need to know about him.

Saying a candidate has a big fat head counts as support?

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Hmm ...

Now you've got me wondering about your obsession with Consalvo: Why do you hate him so much?

You remember the link I did to a blogger's post about him, but forget the link I did to the same blogger's post about Dan Conley.

You remember the link I did to another blogger's post about Consalvo's kickoff and claim I'm ignoring Ross, but forget the post I did about Ross's 25-hour kickoff thing (for the most part, I've ignored formal kickoffs, but that one won points for its originality).

If you can find bloggers writing about other candidates, please let me know - I love linking to local bloggers writing about local stuff.

In the meantime, no, I'm not formally or subtly endorsing Consalvo. I've voted for him for city councilor (yes, I'm in his district), he seems like a nice guy, but at this point I have no idea whom I'm voting for.

Regarding Ross, I said barely

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Regarding Ross, I said barely touching, your one post qualifies as that. And both his and Consalvos kickoffs were "official" so obviously you aren't ignoring everybodies.

As for Consalvo hes a nice enough guy pointing out you seem to lean towards him I wouldn't say qualifies as an obsession. But then again admitting a bias can be hard for some.


This run of the mill blogger thanks you for linking to my blog.

Googie Baba

click much?

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there is an entire section on Rob's record and his platform under the About tab. fyi.

Yes, I too noticed the

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Yes, I too noticed the multiple links to his website even if poking fun at the picture (thus the "I think you think you're being subtle" reference) I'm a long time reader and a fan of this blog and never really post (maybe 5 times a year) As a fan of Walsh and Arroyo (I'm a longtime supporter of the labor movement) I actually like Rob too and he is also my district councilor. I just noticed you link about Robbie a lot and ignored articles on the two folks I like for this race. Just my two cents. In life, like everyone else I've been wrong before and may be again with this claim but it just seems you're rooting for Consalvo which is fine with me (I clearly have my guys) as long as you just go ahead and claim it.

Whatever, I still...

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have to scroll down before I get to any content. So the single giant banner has been replaced by a medium sized logo and an image carousel. Doesn't matter, it still puts the actual content way down the page.