Roger Bannister would beat cars on 93 south

93 Slow

Joel Barciauskas is stuck trying to get onto the Southeast Distressway by South Bay.



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He was fast

Ha. I never knew who that was until about a year ago. Wikipedia can be your friend.

Ahh, the good old Southeast

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Ahh, the good old Southeast "Expressway". I pity the poor souls who decide it's useful or necessary in transporting them, anywhere, between the hours of 4am and 8pm.

Good old geography

I mean, people can't drive over the water. It's also a good argument against a casino at Suffolk Downs, no matter how much I personally want that.

Pay no tolls

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Get what you deserve in traffic.

yes yes

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put a toll on the southeast abortway and no doubt this traffic would no doubt be gone.

I got stuck in this crap and was just trying to get off at Melnea Cass - where an accident in the middle of the goddamned intersection had everything buggered up in addition to the back up on the ramps leading to the 93. morons on wheels - just add water.

Ha, even Roger Bannister in

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Ha, even Roger Bannister in his prime could most certainly not keep up that pace for 10 miles.

He probably couldn't

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but others have - the 10 mile road world record is under 45:00.


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No tunnel to Revere

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My guess is that if it is rush hour (daytime) mutual aid will be called on, so Revere, Winthrop, Chelsea, and perhaps further afield will respond.

On the other hand, the situation will be the same as before Ted Williams opened, except that Allston could respond more easily.


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Looks like I just dodged a bullet there... I was coming from 128 down 93 to 16 about the time he posted this photo.. musta not backed up into the tunnel yet.

But BOY let me tell you 128 was awful with the heavy downpours.

Then 16 was a parking lot.. I swear I spent half of the day just on Revere Beach Parkway ... alone!


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You just drove the alternate route to the airport for folks coming from North/Northwest after the closing of the Callahan. Except you'd have to turn off 16 and then sit in traffic on 1A until you got to the airport (late for your flight).


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Yeah I know. I was just thinking that last night.. gee if 16 was a parking lot around Christmas in the rain for no real apparent reason (the Gateway Center wasn't all that busy), I can't wait for these detours to happen.

Then again, I live in Chelsea so going to the Airport for me will not change. I can be at the Airport ~7-10 minutes. Although, I am concerned that locals that know their way around will use Chelsea as a passthru from 16 and/or the Tobin to avoid going all the way to Bell Circle (which, btw, is an asinine detour..)

The traffic lights on Revere

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The traffic lights on Revere Beach Parkway are incredibly stupid. Even after being totally rebuilt.


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As in sliding down the?