Roslindale getting a bike shop

Busted Knuckle reports it's going to be moving from Centre Street in West Roxbury to 159 Belgrade Ave., near Walworth.



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    not the greatest location

    but very much needed in rozzie.

    I know nothing about the techs in this shop, though. They'll have to be broadway bike school level good if they'll consistently get my business. And be open weekends.

    best of luck to them!

    I know

    ...just convert that white elephant substation into a cafe.

    I can't believe the time and effort spent on ensuring that building can't get knocked down and replaced with something useful. What a waste of effort.


    It's going to become a restaurant (I'm pretty sure they have someone lined up). Construction will start in a few months (demo of the funeral home could possibly be before the end of the year). There will be commercial space in the new apartment building next door - which would be ideal for a small cafe.


    The building was placed on the Nat'l Register of Historic Places, making it more difficult to do anything with it. Honestly, it's an ok building, but there's one in Eglestone Sq. so it's not exactly some rare gem.

    There's a partially funded development plan which was approved to build apartments and restaurant. As noted yesterday can another restaurant be added to the square without hurting one of the existing ones? Or is one moving? Partial funding always sounds like BS until the ground is broken. See Filene's hole, etc...

    Anyways, yay bike shop.

    We'll be moving to #159

    We'll be moving to #159 Belgrade, the corner lot at Walworth, immediately next to the Doggarie. The lease has been signed, we should be getting keys tonight. The for lease sign hasn't been removed yet, but most of the stuff from the Murphy campaign is gone.