Roslindale goes all out for Halloween - even the space savers are creepy

Creepy space saver

Or maybe whoever put out this space saver on Cornell Street could care less about Halloween and is just warning you what will happen if you dare to try to park in front of his house, lack of snow be damned.



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    It would be awesome if it had a motion sensor that made the head move when anyone came near.


    Spooky Doll Head is watching you

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    And is probably about as effective at preventing space raiding as those cop cutouts by bike racks...that is, somewhat.

    The cloth thing is a weird touch, makes it look like those little hanky-with-a-head animal dolls for babies and very young children.

    perhaps a nod to the topic

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    perhaps a nod to the topic being discussed at yesterdays WGBH Mayoral debate?