Ross, Yancey haven't ruled out Davis as police commissioner - yet

The two mayoral candidates joined a minority police organization today to criticize the lack of minority and women commanders in the Boston Police Department, but stopped short of saying they would not reappoint Commissioner Ed Davis.

Ross said that while he is dissatisfied enough with Davis's performance on diversity that he would not commit now to reappointing Davis - as several other candidates have said they would - he would still be willing to talk to Davis about reappointment if he were elected mayor.

Yancey said he would launch a nationwide search to find a new police commissioner, but that he would be more than willing to consider Davis if he chose to apply.

The Massachusetts Association of Minority Law Enforcement Officers voted last night to seek Davis's ouster, saying he continues to show bias towards white officers in promotions - even when there are minority officers with comparable civil-service scores - and that his immediate demotion of the black detective in the case of the guy charged with Amy Lord's murder without due process was inexcusable.

Both Ross and Yancey spoke at a press conference at MAMLEO's Dorchester offices today.



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A lot of political speak coming out of those two clips....

But Ross sounded like he meant it a little more.


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I think Yancey, I mean Nancy running for two seats speaks volumes of his underlying concern. Hint, its not the City of Boston.....

There's enough biofuel and

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There's enough biofuel and hot air in there to power the city through the next administration!

Exactly. We need some

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Exactly. We need some minority in these places that carry powerful seats. Racism is still alive nd continues to show itself. There are a lot more qualified minority that deserve a chance and Boston police is fixed nd so aren't these civil service exams. The past 5 exams and police class been white cutting out the Latino, black, Asian

Color in BPD

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Least we forget, back in the late '80's, a white woman, poor, raised in this City (Roxbury) , single mother, went back to school while raising 2 children along with NO child support, NOT on welfare, applied for the civil service exam for BPD and PASSED with a score of 100, passed the physical, passed 2 psyche tests and then told, sorry, we don't need white women, you are not a 'minority'. People of color were picked for the Academy with a lower score than her. The Civil service exam is NOT fixed. It was hard and timely and fair. BUT, if she complained, she would have been labeled a 'racist'! Is that 'fair' of what was done?

I do believe BPD personnel should represent the communities it serves, but not on the backs of others to fill a quota. What's fair is fair. It's NOT like it used to be. People who grew up here in the City would know this.

That's why on my children's birth certificate, where it says 'color' there's a line going through it! Now, let them try and figure THAT one out.

Racism is still alive?

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Ya it is. And you're the one guilty of it! Voting based on color is racist. Promoting and hiring people based on color and not quantifiable test results is racist. You whole paragraph that is poorly written is racist.