Roxbury could lose liquor store to West Roxbury

The Boston Licensing Board next week considers a request from the owners of Brothers Wine and Spirits on Warren Street to close and sell their liquor license to somebody who wants to open a new liquor store in West Roxbury, just past the Dedham line.

Dimpleben Patel is proposing a 5,000-square-foot store called Town Line Liquors at 1524 VFW Parkway (northbound, just past the Firestone garage).

The store would fill a gaping hole left in West Roxbury's liquor business by the closing several years ago of 5 C's, leaving the neighborhood to somehow get by with only Gary's, Blanchards, Macy's and Dedham Line Liquors.

Still, the West Roxbury Neighborhood Council will oppose the proposal, saying the neighborhood already has enough liquor stores and that the new store could worsen traffic on that stretch of the VFW Parkway.



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    There was a package store just

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    There was a package store just up the way from there years ago anyway, and a few others in West Roxbury proximate to that area that have closed as well. Traffic has always been ridiculous there, so loose that argument. There is a transition in the package store level going on, this is just part of it. The change of location broadens the product offering, and thus the profit to the new owner, who is putting up the cabbage to make the transaction. Its capitalism at work.


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    If they aren't doing enough business to want to stay open, and nobody wants to step in a buy the business/license, then it should move somewhere that someone thinks there's a need for another liquor store. Supply/demand.