Salem to old Christmas trees: Burn, baby, burn

Salem holds its annual Christmas-tree bonfire this Friday at Dead Horse Beach - residents can show up with a tree and watch it go up in flames.



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Easy Joke

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Don't forget to bring some witches; I hear they go up like kindling, too.

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Historically inaccurate

The witches at Salem were hanged, not burned, with the exception of Giles Corey, who was pressed to death. (His last words were, "More weight.")

Yeah, I'm a barrel of laughs at parties.

ETA: Also, the joke is kind of in poor taste, because people were put to death out of nothing except other peoples' own paranoia, and not for anything we in the modern era would consider a real crime.

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the joke didn't bother me, however...

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Sadly there are extremists in the modern world who do punish people for imaginary crimes.

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