Sam Adams clogs Centre Street in Jamaica Plain

Dead Sam Adams truck in Jamaica Plain

A Sam Adams truck, about to make a delivery to Blanchard's around 9:30 a.m., kicked the bucket right in the middle of Centre Street, forcing police to block the road in both directions until the truck could be moved.

"Usually, I'm more than happy to see Sam Adams," Tiffani Faison, who took the photo, commented.



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It definitely looks like it was taken from the old brick apartment building on Centre and Greenough Ave.

Was on the 39 when this

Was on the 39 when this happened. They did occasionally let traffic past, including the 39 (yes, even the big articulated bus was able to get past), though it seemed a bit disorganized, the firefighters did more traffic directing than the cops and there was about 10 minutes when everyone was just wandering around and not effectively managing traffic, so a few cars and an ambulance squeaked by but the 39 took a while to get past.

It consistently amazes me how

It consistently amazes me how bad cops are at directing traffic around here. It seems like they're mostly interested in starting arguments with drivers, unless they're not paying attention at all and have their backs to traffic.

so, how exactly did that truck get there?

Namely, it's illegally crossed well over the double yellow line. So how'd it get there? Doesn't Blanchards have a back entrance or loading dock?

Also: why couldn't the rocket scientists at E-13 figure out how to either a)detour people or b)direct traffic around the truck? The 39 may not fit on one side, but everyone else should.

Maybe it was lining up to

Maybe it was lining up to back in there , or it had just pulled out . No rear loading dock , very tight in rearage. If they couldnt start the tractor, they would just pull it out and re-horse the combination , no need to unload the trailer to tow. Anyway , load is palletized and they have pallet movers, sweet corn ! Shit happens, at least there were no trolleys running .