Samaritans pry open storm drain to rescue cat; whose is it?

Rescued cat

Calamity Shazaam reports from Columbus and Northampton in the Lower Roxbury/South End area that her neighbor and a couple of other folks responding to plaintive meowing from a storm drain this morning to find a cat under the grate:

Apparently they had to pry open the grate to get the cat out. At which point the cat hopped into my friends arms and that was that.

It's a very clean, VERY friendly kitty - maybe 6 months old?

She has him safe and sound, but kitty probably is missing Mommy or Daddy.

If kitty looks familiar, write calamityshazaam [at]



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    how about you turn the cat in to the MSPCA

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    "If kitty looks familiar, write calamityshazaam [at]"

    No. Turn the cat in to the MSPCA, lady. That's what they're there for, and it's the system everyone uses. If I lose my cat, I shouldn't have to check twitter and blogs and google "lost cat boston" every day to find some weird hippie chick has my cat.


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    True statement. Plus if the cat is microchipped the shelter can scan it and get in touch with the owner

    Oh, FFS, are you like this IRL?

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    Yeah, they should turn the cat into the MSPCA or the Animal Rescue League. In the meantime, they did something nice and all you can do is hate on them.

    Depending on capacity

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    The shelters or the animal warden may just tell you that they have too many animals right now and could you please hang on to the critter for a day or two or three or two weeks, etc. and keep trying locally to find the owner.

    Yep. If they know that critter is safe with you, they will check for a chip but may not take him/her in.

    I ran into this when I rescued a dog wandering around in the middle of a 4-lane roadway. "Thunder" ended up as my guest for two nights while her owner was trying to find her, while I was trying to find her owner, and while my vet tried to track the chip (there was an error in the chip company data base for the dog and family). A friend finally made the connection when her MIL went to a hairdresser who was upset because her dog got through a break in the fence ... and all because I put out the info out in the community.


    Plus, some shelters only accept animals during limited hours. A roommate and I managed to capture a cat abandoned by a neighbor who moved out in the middle of the night, but when we tried to take him to a shelter, they turned us away because it wasn't the proper hours. We did eventually get him to ARL, but he spent two fairly unpleasant days shut on our back porch (thankfully it was warm weather) because the cat we already had was not what you'd call sociable.

    Will do, thanks for the tip

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    Unfortunately there wasn't time to bring the cat anywhere this morning. And there wasn't time to get MSPCA or whoever to come get the cat.

    So the cat is safe and sound inside until tonight, when that darned cat can be taken over to the shelter.

    But thanks for your helpful advice and positive attitude. Have a GREAT day!

    Welll done saving that cat

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    I'd suggest bringing it to the ARL (on Chandler street) over the MSPCA. It's close enough that he might even be a vet patient there and somebody knows him, if not they'll check for a microchip and all that other stuff.
    According to the website they're open until 7pm tonight, but you need to call ahead (617) 226-5621.

    Again good job, I'm sure lots of people just walked past instead of doing something.

    If no owner is found or comes

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    If no owner is found or comes forward, you might want to see if you can find a no-kill shelter if you don't want to keep it yourself. Feel free to corrrect, but I thought both Animal Rescue and MSPCA will evntually euthanize if they run out of room.

    Shelters do the best they

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    Shelters do the best they can, comments like this may encourage people to dump their pets in the woods.
    There are things in life that are worse than death...

    However, if somebody

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    However, if somebody considering keeping the cat as a pet, and is even more inclined to do so if they know there is a possibiity it might be put down at a shelter, they should know what could happen. It certainly is something someone should at least ask about to verify.


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    Actually no, neither of those shelters will euthanize if happy and healthy. If a cat is feral, I think they will try and Trap and Release after fixing.

    I highly recommend either of the shelters. They do great work and don't kill!

    Thanks for taking her in,

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    Thanks for taking her in, Calamity. If something happened to one of my pets, I'd like to think he/she was (temporarily) in the hand of someone nice.

    Thank you Devin!

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    Will do. Hopefully the kitty had a nice vacation day at a weird hippie apartment!

    I bet

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    it was a nice vacation. Hopefully he'll be reunited with owners quickly. Good job rescuing him!

    Kitty Yoga

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    Not just for hippy cats, dig?

    Kitty says: Yo Soy Yoga!



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    What happens

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    ... if the space-saving cat eats the space-saving chicken?

    lost kitty

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    put some fake ears on him and see if dennis lehane will give you some money.


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    Thank you Calamity for rescuing the cat. That is super awesome of you! If either of my cats got out (god forbid) I would hope a nice person like you would rescue them.

    I volunteer for the MSPCA and I can tell you right now there's plenty of space in our shelter. (It's spring/summer that shelters get crowded because that's when animals are in heat.)

    I can't speak for the ARL, but the MSPCA rarely euthanizes for space reasons. Thanks to successful spay and neuter campaigns they have a lot more space these days to take in animals. And euthanizing would be the last resort option always--shelter staff do everything they can to find every animal they have a home. I bet the ARL operates in the same way.