Same as it ever was: New owner not planning major changes for Hyde Park restaurant

Kevin Twohig says that besides a name change and some minor decor touches, he's not planning any major changes when he converts the shuttered Annabelle's on Hyde Park Avenue into the Briar Rose.

The Boston Licensing Board decides tomorrow whether to approve his request to buy Annabelle's liquor license. Both current and future district City Councilors Rob Consalvo and Tim McCarthy spoke in favor.

Twohig, who formerly owned Maggie Mae's on Hyde Park Avenue in Roslindale, will serve up "traditional American fare," his lawyer, Adam Barnosky, told the board at a hearing today.



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I think Mario built that into

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I think Mario built that into a restaurant, converting it from something which I cant remember, but of no consequence, Mario did quality stuff !

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Briar rose a play off green

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Briar rose a play off green briar which twoig leased property off of in Allston

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