Saying it with flowers on the streets of South Boston

Flowered space saver

The kidlet and I went in search of creative space savers today. After quickly realizing people in Roslindale are pretty boring (cones, chairs and trash cans, yawn), we headed over to South Boston, of course. They did not disappoint, although I had to shoot fast - the drivers there seem to object to you getting out of your car for the perfect shot of a floral space saver.

Yes, that is an owl in a can guarding a space.Yes, that is an owl in a can guarding a space.

Something touching about these precisely arranged shoe boxes.You can feel the care that went into arranging these shoe boxes just so.



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I love

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that you take your kid on blogging journeys. He/she is going to have the best "What I Did On My Snow Day" story to tell the class.

Re: shoeboxes

Those beat the cardboard box that someone left in a space on my street. I think using something heftier would be a better idea on such a windy day.

When I was a kid

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there was an old guy who used a small replica of "The Thinker". Of course he hung a sign around it's neck that just said: "Dont even".

Wife said orchid

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All I know is it's pink.

All three photos are from the heart of Southie. Unfortunately, I didn't take down the streets, but this one was a couple blocks north of East Broadway.

Let the punishment fit the crime

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I know the city states they will go around and remove space savers after so many days after the storm. Screw That. What they should do is go around late at night and remove cars with a front end loader and a dump truck, toss them in the harbor. When there is a snow emergency you're not supposed to park anywhere but your driveway so they can plow the street curb to curb. If one does not have a driveway - then one should not have bought that car.

Do you even go here?

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What's this nonsense about not owning a car if you don't have a driveway? I don't have statistics but having lived in Boston and Cambridge, I'm pretty sure that most of the residents only have on street parking. That's why you have to go to City Hall and get one of those fancy stickers for your car and why they have those "Parking for [neighborhood name] Residents Only" all over the city.

I hope that your comment is sarcasm and I'm just missing it because I've only had one cup of coffee today.

What some other cities do

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Don't have a parking spot? Can't register a car.

Handing out cheap stickers like candy causes these problems.

Serious About the Glut of Cars

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I am pretty sure I am not being sarcastic as I would like to see most curbside, street parking removed from the city. To be replaced with massive public transport infrastructure growth and improvements.
Like more subways to replace bus lines. Extensions to places like Roslindale or Brighton. Or rocket engines on the green line trolleys so they approach reasonable commuting speeds.

tell us

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How's the parking in Dedham?