Scott Brown's new slogan?


Three possibilities for a series of tweets from Scott Brown last night: Somebody cracked his Twitter password and replied to people who'd harshed him on Twitter; A former campaign staffer got drunk and replied to people who'd harshed his or her boss on Twitter; Brown got drunk and replied to people who'd harshed him on Twitter.

Well, as the kids say, Bqhatevwr.



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He actually going to run as a Republican this time, and not a Indianpendent.


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Pretty sure he was trying to type "Whatever", especially since that was he next tweet. It's anyone's guess why he was tweeting "Whatever."


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at 12:36am on a Saturday.


Remember, Kids

Swype is your servant, but not your friend.

Although he can't blame swype for that stupid ass comment about Markey ... who is easy enough to find in Medford Square buying coffee or waiting in line at the CVS like all the other townfolk on any given day when Congress is not in session.

No Starbucks

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for you today!


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It is a coded message to all the kings and queens he meets in secret with.

Brown's mis spelled tweet is

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Brown's mis spelled tweet is nothing compared to my texts. Really, people are making a big deal out of this??

Geez, some people gave Teddy Kennedy less crap for killing someone...

I mean I know he's not well liked around these parts, but really? This is just silly.