Scummy scammers working the streets of Dorchester

Via the Pope's Hill Neighborhood Association, District C-11 reports on a duo preying on the elderly the past couple of days:

Guys ringing bells and saying they are doing tree work or landscaping work on the house behind the house they are ringing bell. They are trying to get the victim (usually elderly) to go behind the house with them and then a second individual will enter house and steal things. One on Train St. that suspects made entry and stole cash and one on Neponset Ave. where potential victim refused suspect entry and locked door(right move). If you could pass the word to all to be on aware of these scams and to call 911 ASAP. Both incidents described a suspect as w/m, 50's. 5'7". Believe there is a second suspect who enters house but no description of second suspect."



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    This sounds an awful lot like

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    This sounds an awful lot like an incident that happened near Ashmont Station at the beginning of July:
    From the Dorchester Reporter:

    An elderly Ashmont woman was the apparent victim of scam artists who entered her home on Monday morning after luring her into her backyard.

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    Just Energy jerks scamming and trespassing

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    They're at it again - they came to our property a few months ago and were told to get lost, and it took multiple demands for them to leave.

    A week or two ago, another guy showed up and I told him to get off the property. He just stood there blankly looking at me. "Get off the property. You're trespassing. LEAVE." *stands there staring*
    "GET LOST. TRESPASSING." *stands there* "You have until the time it takes me to get my cell phone to get off the property or I will have you arrested and charged with trespassing."

    It wasn't until I was standing in front of him again, with my cell phone dialing 911, that he finally left.

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    That might involve not being a d-bag.

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    Old scam

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    It's that time of year, again.

    No doubt others are going around trying scam elderly people into having their driveways repaved. Sad.

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