Search on for woman in Red Line beer-bottle smash attack

Wanted woman

TessierUPDATE: Transit Police report they have identified the woman as AnnMarie Tessier, 43, whose last known address was in Weymouth, and have obtained a warrant charging her with assault and battery and assault with a dangerous weapon. Now they have to find her.

Transit Police have released a couple of photos of the woman they say helped start a fight on an inbound Red Line train Sunday evening that ended with her companion trying to smash a man in the head with a 40-oz beer bottle as his wife and two-year-old fled the train at Broadway.

Police collaged the alleged smasher; she escaped up the escalator. If you see her, contact police at 617-222-1050 or send an anonymous tip via the MBTA SeeSay app or by texting 873873.



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Yeah. Or getting up at the dawn of crack, too.


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she doesn't look that bad for meth or crack IMHO. I'd lean more towards alcohol.

Would u be arrested if u were

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Would u be arrested if u were that dad and beat both of those degenerates to point they needed hospitalization?

Sob Storier?

She looks like a woman I've seen on the green line asking for money to get back to Worcester.