Eighth OUI conviction gets Winthrop man five years in prison

Suffolk Superior Court Judge Raymond Brassard today sentenced Joseph Limone of Winthrop to five years in state prison for his eighth OUI conviction - and 15 years probation after that for trying to attack state troopers with the bench on which they'd left him while processing him after his arrest, the Suffolk County District Attorney's office reports.

Limone, 61, was convicted for driving drunk in Revere in 2011. As he was awaiting trial, his seventh OUI conviction, in Woburn, was being upheld by the Supreme Judicial Court.



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    How the hell did that OUI guy manage to stay out of the slammer for such a long period of time?


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    Something something something LIBERAL MOONBAT JUDGES something something OBAMA something something MENINO.


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    I just love your posts on boston.com.

    only one comment! can we make

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    only one comment!
    can we make these rules a little tighter? that guy had 8 chances to kill someone before we finally locked him up!

    Only Eight

    Gee, glad to see the state is finally getting serious about cracking down on drunk drivers.