Sew long to an old friend


Windsor Button on Temple Place started its going-out-of-business sale today after 76 years in business. Arturo Gossage braved the drifts yesterday and visited the shop.

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My two reactions

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a. It's so terribly sad and I feel awful that they are closing.
b. I had better get the hell down there for the yarn sale.



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What happens when Wig World follows suit???

Downtown is just going to be an endless stream of Starbucks and lunch places.

I wonder what they will put in it's place?

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I wonder what they will put in it's place? I hope it is something more interesting than another faceless upscale restaurant with "craft drinks". As much as they try, those places simply lack character. Temple Place is pretty much a wasteland now, basically one big bus stop for the Silver Line.

The rents are too high.

I'm willing to bet the place will stay empty for quite some time. There are numerous vacant locations near them. The landlords either don't get it, don't care, or are holding out for a big payoff (hope they really hold their breath on this one.


Joke Shop

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I'm old enough to remember when there was actually a joke shop on that street. Either Jack's Joke Shop or Little Jack Horner, I don't rememebr which. And it was a fun place too! Can you imagine a joke shop around there now? The city only wants upscale things, nothing has to be unique. I think there was an army navy store on Temple Place also.

More than one

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There was more than one joke shop in Boston in the 60s and 70s. The one on Tremont was near where the Emerson Majestic is now. There was definitely one on Temple Place also, where the convenience store is now. There was one possibly on Bromfield also. That might be the one that relocated to Tremont, because it was not always at the Tremont location.

Little Jack Horner

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There's a Little Jack Horner joke shop across from the Gilette plant in South Boston. Not sure if it's still open, but the sign is still around. It's actually part of a propane tank facility, which is the greatest combo I ever heard of.