Shine bright like a diamond!

Bob Nelson reports Jim and Margery signed off WTKK and the first thing the new Power 96.9 played was that insufferable Rihanna "Diamonds in the Sky" song (Oh, God, now I've got her gritting out "Shine bright like a diamond!" in my head and I can't get it out, help!).

How ever can Amp 103.3 survive? Oh, noes! Props to 103.3 for grabbing the Power969 Twitter name before Power 96.9, though, those little imps.



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    You're so bright

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    Thanks, I should know that especially because I happened to hear part of the song in the car this morning (I'm a slug, so have yet to replace 103.3 as one of my presets).

    The Twitter war will

    The Twitter and marketing war will definitely be interesting though. Amp is brutal, absolutely BRUTAL, in their marketing campaigns.

    good to know...

    ... that I'm somehow immune to that crap; I'd never even heard of Amp 103......sounds like the name of an energy drink and the body temperature one gets after ingesting that stuff.

    Dance off!

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    Something's gotta give in this market. We have Kiss, Jamn, AMP, EVOLUTION and now 96.9 Rihanna Radio.

    I heard a promo on Kiss for EVOLUTION so I suspect that they will start playing less dance-y music and turn to Taylor Swift, Train, whoever sings that Hey Ho song and One Direction pop.

    AMP is just horrible. It's neither here nor there but now that they have a programming director and DJs coming in, who knows what will happen?

    Dismal. Just dismal.


    Evolution and Kiss are IHeartRadio stations (, so they will promote each other because they are WAY different in programming. Evolution is an incredibly awesome progressive house station. Kiss is just straight AT40 mainstream.

    AMP is great because they have 103 minutes of commercial free programming blocks. Kiss is loaded with commercials.

    I think I need a rewrite re: Kiss and Evolution

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    Yes, I know that they're both Clear Channel stations, Clear Channel owns I Heart Radio. What I meant was that Kiss will give up some dance-y songs even if it means they have to concede David Guetta to Evolution.

    Evolution is two stations in one. The day station is mainstream but at night, it's more progressive. It's also just not house music. They play different kinds of EDM than house.

    Clear Channel will use Kiss and Evolution together (I refuse to use the word synergy) to try to get rid of AMP which is a bit of Kiss and a bit of Evolution. They play Maroon 5 and Tiesto.

    SNL version

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    Did anyone else see her perform that on SNL and think they were tripping? It was like that "Drinking outta cups" video.

    Anyway, I'll still be listening to WERS I guess. I miss the days of radio options.

    Plenty of options

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    I too miss some of the stations that are no more (or even the ones that are still around but aren't as good as they used to be*). But honestly, there's tons of radio in Boston metro, both in raw numbers and diversity of format. There's not enough hours in the day for me to listen to all the wortwhile radio around here - and I barely touch the commercial stations.

    * eg WERS - it was regularly one of the best stations on the planet before the FCC attempted to hamstring it back in the BushII era. It's taken a few years, but each season they get back more of their idosyncratic, youthful energy.

    Nearly *everyone* listens to radio

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    Only about one-half of all Americans visited the supposedly ubiquitous Facebook last year, and that number is down a bit from the year before. Conversely, in 2012 about 93% of Americans listened to radio at least once a month, either on-air or digitally. And that number has been growing for the last decade.

    "The reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated." - Mark Twain

    Excellent post

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    Thanks for the link to Pew...seems like interesting trends are appearing.

    Radio Radio

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    And the radio is in the hands of such a lot of fools trying to anesthetize the way that you feel.