Shining bright

Saugus lights

Over at the Artery, Greg Cook has posted photos of some of our brighter Christmas lights, including this display in Saugus.



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Pictured house

This (the pictured house from Saugus) is actually considering scaled back from years past. He did not say why he made the decision, but I know his inflatables got slashed last year. My uncle lives across the street and my family a few blocks away, and they all loathe the traffic his display generates, so I'm not surprised if some neighbor got fed up.

The guy owns an electric company -- don't know what one, but maybe that gets him a deal on rates to put on such a show, heh.

Lower Power Lights

LEDs take a whole lot less energy and emit more light than previous generations of xmas lights. I swear that it is possible to see one local house from space, with all the LEDs they use.

So the electricity to pave your entire house and property with computer-controlled LED lighting is probably what it would cost to put on a modest display 20 years ago.