Show of force outside Fenway Park

Bicycle cops outside Fenway Park

Ethan Long watched police massing outside Fenway around 9:30 p.m.

Craig Silva watched the police sweep people off the street in Kenmore Square:

Police line

Earlier, police worked with the DPW to block traffic into the Fenway area, as captured by RedSox223:

Trucks blocking traffic



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No fun

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and you won't see these ones again

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because these are city plows, and city plows don't do anything during snowstorms...see, we leave snow plowing to...nobody, since private contractors just drive around with their plows up yakking on their cellphones.



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"Earlier, police worked with the DPW to block traffic into the Fenway area, as captured by RedSox223:"

They're already going to have to be there anyway to clean up the massive mess left behind...

Probably the only time those trucks have come out with snowplows in years.

Saddest part of any Boston

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Saddest part of any Boston team winning is the local PD doing everything they can to rack up the largest bill possible, harass as many people as possible, and generally instill as much fear in the population as they can.

Protect and serve? More like harass and destroy.


Oh, Please

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Do you really want more overturned cars? What do you want them to do - sit at the station waiting for calls to come in when it's too late to do anything but bust heads by the time they arrive at the scene? Or would you rather the city be proactive in preventing the idiots among us from acting like idiots, perhaps keeping the peace in the process?



Is everything in life all or

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Is everything in life all or nothing for you?

Im saying they shouldnt be there with SWAT teams, armored vehicles, assault weapons etc. Its a baseball game, not the fall of Baghdad.

So naturally Im saying they should sit in the station?

How about a middle ground? How about patrolling like members of the community, and not like a foreign military? How about giving high fives instead of fuck yous?

Their job is to help keep the order, if needed, not incite a riot via provocation.

Do you think a cop with nothing more powerful than a baton, standing around cheering would get a bottle thrown at him? Of course not.

The PD tactics create an uvs vs them situation, which ALWAYS makes things worse.


Then Say That

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You said nothing about SWAT teams, armored vehicles, or assault weapons. You complained about overtime. If you want to make a point and not have others jump on you, then say what you mean the first time.

For example: "Their job is to help keep the order, if needed, not incite a riot via provocation."

Are you saying the police incited a riot last night? Really? Doesn't sound like you're seeking that middle ground you talked about.



IN the park?

*IN* Fenway Park?

I haven't seen a single picture, though. Usually people post about this stuff when they see it. It seems most of the presence was on foot or on bike, from the sounds of it.

Cops in riot gear showed up

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Cops in riot gear showed up on a Peter Pan bus, didn't see any armored cars.