Skittles don't come in prescription strength and now a South Boston man faces a drug charge

A South Boston man getting off a bus from New York at South Station earlier this month allegedly left behind a Skittles bag filled with 3,200 Oxycodone pills when he saw a police dog sniffing luggage being taken off the bus, the Suffolk County District Attorney's office says.

Gregory Horne, 31, was arraigned on a charge of trafficking in a Class B substance following the April 3 incident, the DA's office says, adding he is free on $3,000 bail.

Prosecutors say Horne was getting ready to leave a Lucky Star bus that had pulled into South Station around 9 a.m. that day when a Transit Police officer got on to inform passengers officers and a drug-sniffing dog would be checking their luggage:

Police immediately noted that Horne became visibly nervous and began frantically using his phone.

While the search was under way, Horne allegedly moved to the rear of the bus and began fidgeting with his backpack. No drugs were detected in the luggage from the undercarriage of the bus and passengers began to exit. For his part, Horne allegedly lingered in a rear seat looking out the window with an expression of concern. When he did leave the bus, he allegedly avoided eye contact with the officers and ignored their pleasantries as he disembarked.

Transit Police made a sweep of the bus, paying particular attention to the sixth seat from the back, to where Horne had moved. They found a sealed, overstuffed Skittles bag on the floor in that area, prosecutors said. Instead of rainbow-colored sweets, however, the bag was found to contain 3,200 30mg Oxycodone pills.

By the time police found the bag, Horne had left the area, but surveillance photos showed his unique hand tattoos, which were circulated to area police departments and an officer who was able to identify him, prosecutors say.

Innocent, etc.




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In other words ...

If he had played it cool, they would never have caught him because his luggage (if he had any) was clear.

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Random drug checks on intercity buses? When did this new invasion of privacy take effect?

Related question: Can dogs actually differentiate between legal prescription medications and illegally obtained prescription medications?

I have to assume that they had a tip, likely on this guy they hauled in. Bizarre, if not.


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I don't think this is new. I

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I don't think this is new. I had a friend who took the bus on new year's eve and there was a dog check.

answer to your related question: no they can't tell the difference. the only difference between legal and illegal prescription meds is the actual, lawful prescription given by a doctor. Pills is pills.

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