Slight UHub UI change

Unless you use IE, or are one of the other folks for whom the site had been looking odd in recent weeks. I've changed the template set used by UHub to fix display problems for such folks. Follks on phones may also see a bit of a different, hopefully better, display.

Everybody else, I hope, won't notice much of a difference, except maybe for the spacing between lines of text, which I've tightened up a bit. But please let me know about any oddities you see.



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      Looks better!

      The material that used to be in the right-hand column is back -- ads, Recent Comments, Boston Store, etc. For a while those things were all the way at the bottom of the page, if you bothered to scroll all the way down.

      The comment total seems to be off. This item says "1 comment" but doesn't show any comments when I click on it. Another item says "2 comments" but only 1 appears.



      That's not a UI issue, though. The site uses caching to reduce server/database load. The front page, where the comment count shows up, is cached for anonymous users and is only refreshed either every 10 or 60 minutes (sorry, I can't remember which) or when I hit an admin button to purge caches (when I'm working on stylesheet issues, for example, since stylesheets are also cached or when I need to fix a mistake). So if new messages show up between cache purges, yes, you'll see a discrepancy.

      The only answers that I can see are either turning off caching, which I don't want to do because of the performance issues, or to get an account and log in, since the page is not cached for logged in users.

      I have Firefox Linux

      and the heading fonts look weird. I'm getting something that looks like Garamond heading the posts on the homepage, and something that looks like Tahoma heading the comments.

      (Linux fonts display slightly "off" Windows fonts, so forgive me if the names aren't 100% correct.)

      Wasn't working for me either

      Chrome 32 Aura, Win 8.1. I also did not see the login/register links or the social media buttons. I hunted down this thread having seen it, and I could see the login link at the top of the page then. Upon logging in, the main page looks normal (albeit with 2008's always-trendy fixed-width sidebars!). I logged out, and everything still lines up. At first I thought it was possibly a problem with HTTPSEverywhere, but I think we can rule that out now.

      Separately, is your target desktop rez 1024x768? I tried opening IE11 to see if I could dupe the layout that I initially saw (the one missing the French Toast/Login/Social bits), and my IE window having previously been narrower than 1000px had the ad that's supposed to go to the right of the UHub logo transposed over it. It looks like the mobile version (viewing it in IE Metro as I expect that's what IE Metro requests) adjusts the headers to fit, I wonder why it didn't work in IE11.

      zero for three on OS X 10.9.1

      On Firefox and Safari, first headline is starting next to the "About | Advertise" links.

      None of my three browsers (3rd being latest Chrome) have a French Toast Alert.

      EDIT and now after a Shift refresh, Firefox looks fabulous.

      EDIT and Chrome and Safari. All good.

      Same problem today

      I'm having this same problem today. The top headline is starting next to the "About | Advertise" link, and there's no French Toast Alert (tragedy!). Font of headlines seems to be off as well. Using Chrome on a Mac laptop. It's only happening occasionally, but all in the same browser/configuration...

      Arrgh, my apologies

      Goes to the Candy Crush page? Somebody seems to be using ads to boost their affiliate payments for Candy Crush signups. I've turned off the mobile ad units I think are responsible. Please let me know if it continues and I'll turn off the one remaining one.

      How about in the topics row?

      Since "The T" is the first item, why not throw it there, 20x20 or so, and just push the menu items off to the right a touch?

      The only other thing that comes to mind is to maybe have logged-in users select from custom logos in the options panel and let people choose the token if they want it.

      iPad hijacked again

      Took me to the app store page for Pet Rescue Saga, by the same people as Candy Crush Saga.

      I grabbed the URL for the ad for same that loaded with the other content:

      This was while looking at the bit about Shelby Scott.